Looks Unfamiliar #28: Jenny Morrill – I Just Get Pictures Of Actual Boots

Looks Unfamiliar #28: Jenny Morrill – I Just Get Pictures Of Actual Boots

Chatting shit with Mr Tim Worthington…

Tim Worthington

j17Looks Unfamiliar 28: Jenny Morrill

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to. Joining Tim this time is writer Jenny Morrill, who’s rifling through an eighties teenager’s diary in search of any evidence of Boots Global Collection, the Just Seventeen Yearbook, a P&O Advert using La Mer, an Eastern European animation about a bird that gets turned into a bat, Melody Maker column Diary Of A Manic Street Preachers Fan, and a film her dad remembers about some sheep. Along the way we’ll also be finding out which face mask Oasis fans favoured, who ‘Andrew’ was in Rainbow, and which is the most animated out of Thom Yorke and a poster of Thom Yorke, not to mention examining the evidence of The Snowman’s sinister culture-jamming…

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World of Crap ranks childhood chips

World of Crap ranks childhood chips

It’s just potato sliced into sticks, nothing special surely? An everyday food to be taken for granted, and given less regard than the condiments you drown them in.

Surely little more than a baton of starch to transport ketchup from bottle to waiting maw, a thin golden line between civility and just necking the bloody thing and calling it lunch.

Well I’d like to take some time to look back on the chips of yesteryear, the varying quality available to a child of the 80s was immense and certainly not all were created equally.

Oven chips


Let’s get the utter trash out of the way first. These were dry, cloying cardboard aspiring affairs, sold in a four stone bag and taking up half the freezer by itself.  The all-purpose gut filler for the culinarily uninspired, regardless of what Bernard Matthews’ Amusing-Shape-In-Breadcrumbs was being served alongside it. These mass produced julienne would fill the majority of your plate.  Fill it with sadness and remorse, remorse that your parents couldn’t cook. Continue reading “World of Crap ranks childhood chips”

The rest home for knackered He-Man figures

The rest home for knackered He-Man figures

I’m not just a genius with tits of steel you know. I also do a lot of good work for charity, which I then tell everyone about.

One of the causes close to my heart is rescuing knackered He-Man and She-Ra figures. This is a brilliant charity to support, because A) it’s made up, and B) I can support it just by buying He-Man figures from car boot sales. Everyone’s a winner.

My collection started with a knackered old She-Ra that cost me 50p. Being the saint I am, I repainted her and brushed her hair and stuff. However, once I’d bought a few figures that needed some TLC, I decided I couldn’t be fucked, and that it was better to let nature take its course. Model paint is expensive, and the man in the shop always tries to talk to me about Warhammer.

Therefore, I have opened the World of Crap rest home for knackered He-Man figures. Allow me to take you through its magnolia corridors…



“Put me out of my misery!” he cries every afternoon. “Please, please, I beg you!” Lol he’s such a card. Continue reading “The rest home for knackered He-Man figures”

Rainbow episode review: Can’t pay? We’ll take it away!

Hello. This episode is all about pretending to get evicted, I think. And about what to do if your furniture is haunted.

Rod, Jane and Freddy are trying to sing their song, but Bungle is insisting on being in the same room as them and getting up in their business.


Why they have to do their song right now, in that exact spot, is never mentioned.

Then this happens, and I’m not sure what it is:

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