Translating an Icelandic newspaper

Recently, we discovered the shocking fact that there’s going to be a new Sportacus. This revelation, along with leading to all sorts of headaches, diarrhoea and general wrongness, led us to seek out details of the cartwheel-doing impostor.

Most of the stuff we could find turned out to be in Icelandic, so we had to rely on Google Translate to help us make sense of the text.


So that’s that all cleared up then.

At this point, we became less interested in fake Sportacus, and more interested in Google’s ability to translate what we think is the Icelandic version of the Metro.

We had a look around the pages of the Iceland Monitor, and came to the following conclusion: either Google Translate is a bit shit, or Iceland is the most fun country ever.

self love elephants


Also in the news:



Wait, group sex? Let’s check this out.

group sex

I can personally say that me and the mister have never participated in “anti trek”. We do the opposite most days.

Moving on:




That’s a nice jacket, even if it does make men wrong. I wonder where she got it from?

red jacket

That’s enough of the Lifestyle section (I assume). Let’s go somewhere else.


I’m not sure what EFzskats is, or Microphthalmia. Let’s go to Occupation, and see if we can get a swish new job in Iceland.

ad 1

ad 2


I could definitely do 50% of a job.


I have no experience of electrical grapes, so probably best not to apply for that one.



Project? I’m all over this.

Today might not even be a good day to apply for jobs. I’d better check the horoscope page before I make any decisions.







Bottom line: Probably best not to do anything today. Especially if people are not honest in your garden. And if they try to mess with your civil, slap them.



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