Top 10 yoghurts for hipsters

Although yoghurt is for plebs, you can still eat it even if you’re a bit of a twat by trying one of these delicious recipes.

10: Yoghurt on a brick

yog on brick

Eat with a spoon. Simplicity is key.

9: Natural yoghurt with tiny Kim Jong Uns

kim jong uns

If Kim Jong Uns aren’t in season, tiny Vladimir Putins are a good substitute. Serve with warm beer for a winter treat.

8: Yoghurt from the 70s next to a pencil

70s pencil

For a truly authentic experience, eat while standing up.

7: Vanilla and Tippex yoghurt on a bed of AOL discs

yog on discs

A simple boiled yoghurt, best with a side dish of grilled cigarettes.

6: Activia in a bell


The metallic overtones give a real kick to berry flavours. Serve chilled with a glass of Nespresso.

5: Depressed Fruit Corner

depressed FC

Serve in a tiny derelict bedsit, with a cous cous salad.

4: Breakfast Yop while Jeff Stelling shouts at you


Remember to make sure your Jeff Stelling is at the right temperature. It’s ok, you don’t have to like football.

3: Fried elderberry and pea yoghurt taped to a wall

fried yog

Serve warm with sharpened potatoes.

2: Homemade apple and hair yoghurt served in a maze of hats

maze of hats

Perfect for impressing dinner party guests. The hats can be used as hats afterwards. A weak to medium lager complements the maze.

1: Street yoghurt

street yoghurt

A simple urban favourite that needs no accompaniments.

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