Welcome back to S’s diary. In part 4 we saw a new side to Tony, as he treated our heroine with cruelty and disdain. On the plus side, our heroine started to take sandwiches.

Let’s continue.



“Holidays for a week. Woke up about 10.15, Nia and Maggie came. Had jam sandwiches for dinner. Went to Little Chef, had cake. After tea, went to Deiniolen. Saw Last Of The Summer Wine. Elfryn passed his driving test.”


“Woke about 10.40. Maggie came, went to shop, played round back. Craig ran after us all around the houses. (I hope Craig just fancies you and is not the local murderer.) Auntie Gaenor (I think) and Uncle Brian came, watched Dick Emery, and Taxi.”


“Woke up 7.50, Mam went to Liverpool, to museum. Went to Nain’s house all day, collected wood with Gail and Paul. Watched Grange Hill. Mam bought me a necklace. Watched Coronation Street and Minder.”


“Woke up 10.00. Went to Kwiks, then went to Nain’s. Alan came for afternoon. Went to bed 9.00, talked with Gail, had Sally Mali in bed.”

(Sali Mali is a book series; S hasn’t just decided to pick up a random woman.)

sali mali


“Woke up 9.30, had rice krispies for breakfast. After dinner went to Caernarvon, bought make up bag like Mandy’s. Walked to Nain’s from Caernarvon. Gail had her birthday party.”


“Went to Sun Centre, bought Jam t-shirt. I was allowed to see O.T.T.”



“Went to church 10.30. Took money to Mena. Watched last part of Wood & Walters. Maggie got new glasses.”



“Had dream about Geoffrey last night (????). Woke up 8.25. Went to school, had double Welsh. After I came home some of the things from Nain’s catalogue had come. Trousers, had to send them back, but got shirt, jumper and nightie, more to come though.”


“Woke up 8.30, had double Sociology. We didn’t do gym because Mrs Edwards wasn’t in school (What about Annie Agro?), had Mr Rogers again in R.E. Andrea wasn’t feeling too well. Watched Dick Emery and Taxi, also watched Play For Today, ‘Willie’s Last Stand’.”

Sorry, I can’t stop thinking about Maggie’s new glasses. Artist’s impression:



“Woke up 8.35, went to school. We were meant to have computer programme on telly, but video machine broke down. Mr Morgan, Biology teacher, was not in school, went to Mr Prendergast’s room. Saw Geoffrey. (WHO IS GEOFFREY AND WHY ARE YOU HAVING DREAMS ABOUT HIM.) Watched British Pop Awards, and Dr Who, and Minder.”

Mr Morgan, Biology teacher: the little known prequel to Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.


“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had double General Science with Tony. (I don’t care, Tony’s still a shit.) Had film in Careers and Commerce. Came home. Watched Grange Hill, watched Rock & Pop Awards. Watched Top Of The Pops, Kenny Everett, and Goodbye Mr Kent. Also watched Shoestring.”


“Woke up 8.20, Mam shouted down my ear, to wake me up. Put another skirt on. Didn’t go swimming, because there were not enough going. Had bath, watched Dear Heart, and Fall Guy, The Gaffer, and We’ll Meet Again.”


“Went to Bangor, got new shoes. Went to Deiniolen.”


“Went to church. Went to Auntie Jean’s. Had pizza for supper.”



“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had double General Science with Tony. Watched Laurel and Hardy, and Maggie. Watched Coronation Street, watched Marti Caine and REG.”


“Woke up 8.30. Had film in Sociology. Did very well in (Ok, I know it’s ‘Basketball’, but my brain just keeps reading it as ‘Budget Ball’). Had Mr Rogers in R.E. Lent Mandy’s gloves. Watched Dick Emery, Taxi, and (no fucking clue). Started to play flute.”


“Woke up 8.40, had computer programme in Computer Studies. (Ok, do you guys ever do any actual work in this lesson, or do you just watch TV? In fact, do you even have a computer, or do you just have a TV and your teacher’s trying to fool you?) After school, washed hair, went to dentist, went to Tregarth, and went to Deiniolen. (Can you stop going there please? I can never spell it.) Watched Minder, started to like Henry.” (At least I think it’s Henry. Any advance on Henry?)

EDIT: My dad has pointed out that this is probably ‘honey’ and not ‘Henry’, and that I need to wear my glasses, even though they make me look like a div.


“Woke up 8.45, was not late for school. Had double General Science with Tony. I think he fancies Sarah Thomas. Swapped pencil cases with Rachel Cawe. Went to library, was in adults’ part.”




“Woke up 10.15 because I couldn’t go swimming. Wore new shoes for school. Had student in Biology. After school, washed hair. At 7.30 went to Welsh disco. Liked group called Montreaux. Started to like Jonathan (Lincoln? Linglan? Legolas?)‘s friend.”


“Woke up 11.20. Went to village. Went to Andrew’s house.”


“Woke up 11.40. Did homework. Watched last part of Grange Hill. Watched Whicker’s World.”


Hands up who’s even a bit surprised? Leave the room please, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

We now have a charming intermission, featuring the Festival of India, Grace Jones dressed as the concept of being startled, and Dennis Waterman’s journey into space.



Back to the action:



“Started to like Paul Bateman March 5th.” (Clearly some sort of time travel is involved here. Either that or S has just been using any available space to declare her love.)

“Sarah asked him to go out with me 15th March. He said ‘S do you mean? Piss off.’ Terrible language.”

WTF I hate Paul Bateman now.

“Mandy’s phone number: (Covered for obvious reasons. One of you guys will actually try and phone Mandy otherwise.)

“Saw Tony on Lambretta Tuesday 6th April, when I went to Mandy’s house. He looked really funny, with a helmet on his head, and Malcolm his friend on the back.”

“Sat 3rd April: Saw Paul Bateman, coming home from Bangor.”

“Sarah asked Paul to go out with me again silly moo! He said ‘fuck off’ on the 21st April.”

Paul you are so on my list now. You and that fucker Tony.

Ok, I’m trying to keep track of all S’s love interests so far. I think I have them all:

Paul Bateman
Jonathan Legolas’ friend
Mrs Vaughn

I’ve probably missed a couple of hundred. Anyway, join me in part 6 for a friendship in crisis, and a shock development (S wakes up at 8.39 one day).

11 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 5: Geoffrey, Paul and the love octagon

  1. I feel that you’re trying to bump Mrs Vaughn’s part up now as a potential love interest. If there’s money involved then it’s never love.

    I don’t see the link between shouting down S’s ear and her putting another skirt on. Did the shouting make the first one fall off?

    I feel that she seems to spend so much time doing Welsh or RE at that school that it really must be impacting on their education.

    And like we’d try to ring Mandy…you seem to think that we’re all so predictable.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. WTH are Chris Tarrant, Lenny Henry and Bob Carolgees (real name Bob Johnson) doing with those balloons, and also what sort of culinary mix up is very average jam sandwiches for dinner followed by the upmarket and posh Little Chef for cake?

    And all we had to dissect in biology were frogs, I hope the student gave their permission.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. by the way, Kwiks is definitely Kwik Save – probs the local one where I grew up in Bangor… these diary entries are ace (she is older than me)… but the Octagon of Love is an interesting description cos the shittest nightclub in the world from the late 80s onwards is… the Octagon in Bangor. I thinik it’s called Peep now. You’d have loved it I think. It had a laser light show which was the envy of… well. Probably someone.
    OTT was the short-lived Adult Tiswas. I’ve never seen it but apparently it was a bit crap.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ow don’t knock the Octagon. I used to live on Dean Street and even though it wasn’t my sort of thing I had some good nights in there. Pints of Snakebite and black for a pound. Some footballer was murdered outside it the other week.

      Here’s a video of that famous light show – from before my time – and it’s like something out of Steven Spielberg. Starts about 1.30 in.

      Liked by 1 person


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