Welcome back to our 80s diary. Part 6 saw us struggling with the space-time continuum, thanks to S writing things in the wrong bloody bits of the diary all the time. We seem to be back to normal now, thank God, so let’s settle down for a nice mundane set of entries, featuring sandwich spread, cleaning the pantry, and failing to watch Minder…



“Woke up 8.31. Had double Welsh. Saw Paul. Mandy came to our canteen, to have dinner. Asked Andrea to come to our house. Revised Biology, watched Coronation Street. Also watched film, Lacy And Cagney, it was ace.”


“Woke up 8.39. Had double Sociology, had new text book. Andrea told me she would be coming to my house on Thursday. Phoned hairdresser, appointment Thurs 4.00. Glyn Kent (I think) and Glyn Owen came. Went to library. Watched Taxi.”


“Woke up 8.30. Had double C. Studies with Mr Roberts. Peter Miller going out with Sarah. Andrea bought Patches, and David. (There’s no way there was ever a magazine called ‘David’.) Washed hair. Had really terrible row with Mam. Saw Coronation Street. Didn’t see Minder.”

Oh God please don’t start listing everything you DIDN’T watch. I already can’t keep up with all the batshit times you decide to wake up.


“Woke up 8.25, Andrea brought her clothes. Saw Romeo & Juliet. Had no lessons all day. Went to hairdresser. Had pizza & chips & coke for tea. Andrea wore mini skirt. Saw Tony in disco. Paul was not there (S).”

What is (S)?


“Woke up 8.30. Went to school, didn’t do Gym. Sarah was with Peter Miller again. Had Biology test. School closed for two weeks. (Why? How badly did your test go?) Auntie Enid came. Watched Dear Heart, and Fall Guy. And We’ll Meet Again. Read Brave New World.”


“Went to Bangor. Bought ‘Sound Effects’. Went to Andrew’s.”


“No church. Went to Auntie Joan’s. Watched Hart To Hart and A Kind Of Loving.”



“Woke up 12.00. Had a sore throat. Had chicken soup for dinner. Watched Norman Wisdom film, ‘On The Beat’. Had terrible headache. Watched Maggie and Coronation Street. Then watched Marti Caine. Had to watch Horizon.”

Why would you have to watch Horizon? Can anyone find out which episode she’d have watched?

EDIT: Thanks to Meatina on Twitter, it was ‘The Private Face Of Medicine’.


“Got up 10.35. Had London grill for dinner. Went for bus, but it was late. Met Mandy by the castle. Went back to her house. Saw Tony on Lambretta. (See here for opinions on the Lambretta.) Went to Bangor, Penmon, Llanfaes, Pentraeth. Watched Flesh & Blood & Snooker (probably not all one show, although I’d watch the shit out of that). (F)”

What is (F)? Is it better or worse than (S)?

Also, London Grill:

london grill


“Woke up 11.00. Had dinner, sandwich spread sandwiches. Went for bus to Andrea’s house. Went to Spar, got Mod badges. Andrea’s Aunt Alice made tea. Watched Coronation, listened to radio. Mam told me that she was going to Cardiff again.”


“Woke up 9.31. (!!!!!!) Went to Kwiks, then went to Nain’s. I stayed there, and Mam went home. Came home with Owen Parry. Played tennis with Daren, Maggie and Kirsty. Watched Badger By Owl Light.”

Googled Badger By Owl Light: “Thriller: A hitman is sent on the trail of a cult leader after a bomb explosion in London.”


“Woke up 11.10, Auntie Enid was here. Started to spring clean pantry. Had dinner. Watched The Brothers Grimm, Magic, Mr & Mrs. Then had tea, pork pie. Then watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Gaffer, and We’ll Meet Again. Had 50p off Auntie Enid.”


“Went to Bangor, bought Setting Sons, went to sleep to Auntie Vera’s.”

Pretty sure Auntie Vera is the mysterious Auntie Rena/Gena/Xena from earlier.


“Woke up 9.00, went to Nain’s. Came home. Watched Game For A Laugh & A Kind Of Loving.”



“Woke up 12.35. Had dinner. Looked for posters for Andrea, couldn’t find much. Watched film, Ziegfeld Girl, then watched Gambit, Maggie, Chipperfield’s Circus, By The Sea, and Bad Luck Bears film.”


“Woke up 11.35. Mam went to Upper Bangor. She got me tropicals. After dinner went out to play, with Maggie and Daren. Played Consequences. Went to library.”


“Woke up 8.05, Auntie Vera came. Collected Nain, and went on our journey to Cardiff with Mam, ate baps on the way. Mam had her operation, and we went round Cardiff. Went back to see her, she was quite cheerful.”


“Auntie Vera came 10.15. Went to Caernarvon, to Social Services office. Then went to Nain’s. Held Daffyd’s snake. Bought O.T.T. book in Upper Bangor. Watched Top Of The Pops, Kenny Everett, and Love Is Old, Love Is New.”

“Held Daffyd’s snake.”



“Woke up 8.05. Went with Dad to Nain’s house. Had little Yorkies off Daffyd. Rode my bike. Nain went to Israel. (What, she just decided to go that morning?) Went to Red Wharf Bay with Auntie Eleri, uncle John and Daffyd. Phoned Mam. Watched Mutiny On The Buses.



“Woke up 10.55. Went to Bangor. Went to Deiniolen.”

You didn’t go to Israel though. You need to up your game.


“Went to church. Dad made Sun. dinner. Had bath, went for walk with Uncle Tom and Auntie Ann. Came home. Had supper. Watched A Kind Of Loving.”



“Woke up 8.50, I was not late though. (HOW?) Saw Paul Bateman. (Booooooo!) Lawrence back in school. Took tape recorder to school. Had General Science with Tony. (I might have forgiven Tony now, I can’t remember.) After tea, went to see Mam, in Bangor. She is much better. Watched.”

I thought Mam was in Cardiff? Oh well, at least you watched.


“Woke up 8.30, went to school, had double Sociology. Had folder in Maths. MAM CAME HOME, HOORAY!! Auntie Vera came to see her. Played tennis with Daren, Maggie gave Mam get well card. Watched Pot Black, went to bath, then went to bed.”

The bit about Mam coming home kicked us all right in the feelings I’m sure.

mam came home


“Woke up 8.45. Auntie Eleri came. Had double C. Studies. Sarah asked Paul to go out with me, he said fuck off. (See here for further comment of the Paul scandal.) Played badminton, had tea, Uncle Harold came on bike. Went to M.B. Disco. Had 55 1/2 out of 80 in Biology.”


“Woke up 8.35. Had double General Science. Had more homework in Sociology, saw Paul Bateman. Went to Kwix with Dad, got coke, crackerbread, harvest crunch. Watched Top Of The Pops and Sorry.”


“Woke up 8.35, Auntie Vera was here. Watched to school with Jonathan Lincoln. Had rounders for Gym. Mandy came for dinner. Saw Paul Bateman in Maths. Played with Daren and Maggie. Watched Bounder and We’ll Meet Again, & McClain’s Law.”


“Woke up 10.30. Went to Bangor. Bought coat.”


“Went to church, started revising. Watched ‘The Two Of Us’, Hart To Hart, and ‘A Kind Of Loving’.”

To finish, we have a declaration of love for The Beat, an article about light, and a poster of Wired For Sound era Cliff Richard with guns.



Join me next time for some art, and our heroine watches “Coronation Street and.”

15 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 7: London grill and Cliff Richard

  1. I’m wondering if ‘mam’ delegates the choice of meals to the writer, the only reference to veggies have been crisps and chips. Surely even in the dark days of 1982 we had access to fresh vegetables?

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  2. Upper Bangor gets its first mention, with Mum going there as if it were some Tolkien trek, and then all of a sudden the diarist pops along too. Perhaps she heard it wasn’t so bad. I have no idea what “tropical” are though.

    I wonder if Heinz still do London Grill. Thanks for the explanation.

    And how did they seem to just pop to Cardiff without any effort. We went round Cardiff?!? I’ve done Bangor-Cardiff and it’s no joke now. In the eighties probably much worse.

    The Horizon episode doesn’t seem much fun or interest.

    The Fatal Bargain: It’s now almost a year since the outbreak of a terrifying new disease in Spain which has affected more than 17,000 people and killed nearly 300. Despite intense scientific research in Spain and other countries, the disease has remained a complete mystery. It is thought to have been caused by industrial oil which unscrupulous businessmen tried to pass off as olive oil. But tonight’s programme reveals just how little is known about the oil and the disease it’s supposed to have triggered. It’s a story of confusion, panic, intrigue, bureaucratic bungling and scientific wrangling, and of the fear and helplessness felt by the victims of this appalling calamity.
    Narrator: Martin Jarvis

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      1. S4C in Wales! Maybe she will make use of that Double Welsh? Although it didn’t launch until November, so I fear the school yearbook will run out of days before then and we’ll never know.

        “There’s no way there was ever a magazine called ‘David’.”
        In another forty years, maybe people will be saying “There’s no way there was ever a TV channel called ‘Dave’”.

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  3. I am guessing her school was right next door judging by her wake up slots. I had forgotten all about Patches and Dear Heart – thanks for the memories 😄


    1. You seem on the money. With stuff like that, and however ill her Mum is that she has to keep going to Cardiff, I am starting to feel a sense of unease reading this. I just hope this girl never finds this serialisation.


  4. I’m still worried about her Welsh lessons. Not a word in Welsh apart from place names and “Nain”. Perhaps “had double Welsh” is a euphemism.



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