Welcome back to our 80’s diary. Last week, our heroine was cleaning out the pantry and eating the dubious-sounding ‘London grill’. What japes will she get up to this time? Let’s find out…


To begin, a poster of Kenny Everett’s Captain Kremmen & Carla, and a smashing art, possibly a self portrait. Anyone know what those letters are about?



“Woke up 8.30, went to school, children went to see film. Wore skirt Mam made for me, it is miles too long. Mandy came for dinner, made friends with Andrea Elis. Had Maths homework, watched Coronation Street, and Mike Harding show. Andrea not in school.”

I guess the Andreas aren’t the same person. How do you get to a point in your life where you know two people called Andrea?


“Woke up 8.30. Had double Sociology, had rounders in Gym, I was last post, played quite well. Chips got (something???) in Commerce, Joanne and Amanda kept picking on each other. Watched Different Strokes. Not friends with Daren. Watched Flesh And Blood.”


“Woke up 8.30, had double Computer Studies. Had my last lesson with G.T., it was very sad. Had double Biol. in afternoon. Went for a ride with Mam to Penmynydd. Watched Coronation, TV Times Awards, Robert Wagner on it.”

robert wagner


“Woke up 8.30. Had double General Science. (No Tony?) Weather turned for the worse. Mr Griffiths was there in Commerce. Mr. Black not in school. Had double free lesson. Mr Grinwalds took files in. Went to Nain’s, got belt and brooch from Israel.”


“Woke up 8.35, had hockey and rounders in Gym, I was last post again. Got name down for tie and skirt. Had folio, on countryside. Went home dinnertime to get Biol. book. Mam came. Went to Sharon’s with Maggie, made tea, did homework, watched Bounder and We’ll Meet Again.”


“Did English research. Went to Deiniolen.”


“Went to church. Went to Auntie Joan’s. Watched Hart To Hart.”



“Woke up 9.45, went to train to Rhyl. Went to fair, went on Jet Stream, Matterhorn, Ski Jump, and new thing. Had doughnuts, went round shops. Saw Madness video in Woolworth, bought present for Mam & Dad, watched Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder Is Easy’.”


“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had new Welsh teacher, Mrs. Jones, don’t like her much. Had running in Gym, 3 ½ times round field. Learnt Biol. Watched Flesh & Blood, and Play For Tomorrow, ‘The Nuclear Family’.”


“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had double C. Studies, in computer room. Had Biol. test, didn’t do too well I don’t think. Went to Menai Bridge disco, Linda going with Barry, Mo was there, Donna was not there, Bernie was.” (S)

In Part 7, someone pointed out that (S) and (F) are probably to do with girl’s periods that girls have.


“Woke up 8.30. Had General Science test. Had film in Commerce. Had horrible dinner. Had Sociology, then had Maths homework. Watched Top Of The Pops, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, and Sorry, also Bird Of prey.”


“Woke up 8.30. Had double rounders. I found out Paul left school. (!!!!) Going on Oxfam walk I think. Had Biol. test results. 14 out of 30. Went out after tea, watched Fall Guy, Bounder and We’ll Meet Again, read Brave New World.”

You don’t seem that fussed about Paul. I was expecting this:



“Mam bought wool knit waistcoat. Went to Deiniolen.”


“Went to church. Revised Commerce. Had job interview in Castle Hotel.”



“Woke up 8.30. Had Welsh with new teacher again, I still don’t like her. Had General Science results, I got 89%, I came 1st. (At least that shit Tony’s been good for something then.) Watched Coronation Street, and film, ‘Your 3 Minutes Are Up!’ Went to chippy for job.”


“Woke up 8.35. Had double Sociology. Had rounders in Gym. Paul Bateman was in school. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) He’s going on the Oxfam walk. So am I. (This next bit really looks like “Dad lost paint on himself”, but that makes zero sense. Any advance on that?) Watched Play For Tomorrow, ‘Shades’.”

“He’s going on the Oxfam walk. So am I.”



“Woke up 8.30. Had double C. Studies. Had double Welsh. I really don’t like the Welsh teacher. Mr. Morgan sent me on errand. Watched Coronation Street And.”

“Coronation Street And.”


“Woke up 8.30. Had no lessons all day, because of sports. It was very hot. Maggie came for sponsor form. Went to Milburns disco it was fantastic!”


“Woke up 8.30. Had double rounders. Had English folio, essay on nurses. Had double Biol., Gwyn and Geoffrey sponsored me. Auntie Mair and Uncle Alwyn came. (HOW MANY BOLLOCKING RELATIVES DO YOU HAVE) Watched last part of We’ll Meet Again.


“Went to Rhyl. Went to roller skating. Bought singles.”


“Day off church. Did revising. Knitted.”

We’ll leave it on that cliffhanger. Join me in Part 9, where we discover that our heroine really doesn’t like Brooke Shields.

8 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 8: Coronation Street And.

  1. I think Chips’s work was surreptitiously reproduced, possibly without his consent, in the subject which is known in her school environment as ‘Commerce’, but which probably strikes very little resemblance to actual bona fide Commerce because it’s being taught to young teenagers, who seem more interest in skirts, discos and pizza than the trading practices of multinational organizations.

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  2. I’m assuming a lot of these “uncles” and “aunties” may just be the sort of honorary titles friends of the family get referred to by the children?

    But then again, maybe not!

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