Welcome back to S’s diary. Last week’s gripping instalment saw our heroine continuing to be a bit stalky over Paul Bateman, and going to Rhyl. Let’s crack on with a bit of a bumper entry, and read all about the demon Welsh teacher, and S’s Pope obsession.



“Woke up 8.30. Went to school, had double Welsh. I cannot stand that new Welsh teacher. Had General Science, Sam Fleet was pestering me. Watched C. Street, revised, watched Hill Street Blues.”


“Woke up 8.35. Had double free lesson in Sociology, went to hall. Andrea bought Mars bar for David. Had double Commerce.


I hate it when you FORGET. (????)


“Woke up 8.30. Went to school, had double C. Studies. Had double Welsh ugh! Had double Biol., gave homework in. Watched Coronation Street.”


“Woke up 8.30. Had double General Science, Tony not there, thank goodness. Went to Bangor in Sociology. Andrea came to my house, went to Milburn disco, it was brill, Brock was there.”


“Woke up 8.25. Had double rounders. Sarah told me she fancied Paul. I’ll kill her. Had summary in English, it was hard. Paul not in school. Watched Fall Guy, Bounder and play.”

“Sarah told me she fancied Paul. I’ll kill her.”



“Went on Oxfam walk, saw Paul, went to Deiniolen.”


“No church, stayed in bed till 1.15. Revised, went to bath.”



“Woke up 8.35. Took camera, Paul not in school. Sarah not in school, great! Samantha had her hair cut!! Barbara had perm. Tony not in school. Went round with sponsors. Watched Hill Street.”

To be fair to our heroine, Sarah does sound like a devious cow. Don’t forget it was Sarah who asked Paul Bateman out on behalf of S, knowing he would probably say no, at which point she would swoop in with her claws and her stupid mullet (probably). The moral of the story: never trust anyone.


“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had Sociology, then had rounders in Gym. I made ½ a rounder. Did some homework, watched Flesh & Blood, and Play For Tomorrow.”


“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had double C. Studies. Had double Welsh with horrible Mrs Jones. Had homework back in Biol., had a real kicking. Watched Coronation in Maggie’s, went to Rhian’s house.”

Mrs Jones:

mrs jones


“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had G. Science test, I hope I did well. After tea went to Milburn disco, Brock was there. Boys kept making fun of me.”


“Woke up 8.30. Had rounders for Gym. Had C. Studies in computer room. Brock in our registration class. Had underground railway in English folio, it was hard. Watched play on BBC2, and McClain’s Law.”


“Went to Bangor. Bought singles. Went to Deiniolen.”


“Went to church. Revised. Winkle collapsed with heat.”

Oh no! Poor Winkle who I assume is a dog.



“Woke up 10.35, watched Taming Of The Shrew. Went on walk with Auntie Ann and Uncle Tom, met nice people. Had ice cream, and Beat patch. Had chips in Auntie Ann’s. Watches News. Pope on it.”

the beat patch


“Woke up 11.00. Had dinner, went to Deiniolen, went on trip to little place, with nice church, and lots of horses. Had nice picnic. Went home straight, watched French film, Dad made chips.”


“Woke up 12.10. Watched Pope. (What is this new obsession with the Pope?) Had chicken & chips for dinner. Revised. Went to Penmon. Lost ring. Auntie Vera came. Went back for ring. Watched Coronation. Went to talk to Mags, watched Butterflies and Frost In May.”


“Woke up 9.45. Went to Kwiks. Went to Nain’s, I am staying the night. After tea went to get w. skis, went on Play Cards R. computer. Went to Auntie Jean’s. Played game with Auntie Eleri. Nain got new car.”



“Woke up 8.50. Studied and played with kittens. Watched Charlie’s Angels. Studied and played with kittens all afternoon. Watched telly. Mam came after Crossroads. Cut jeans. Watched 4 Musketeers and McClain’s Law.”


“Went to Rhyl. Got shorts. Bought LP single. Watched P. Of The Apes.”


“Went to church. Revised. Nain came. Watched ‘the Guru’.



“Woke up 8.35, went to school, had double Welsh. Saw Tony in Maths. D.P. sort of asked me out, but nothing happened. Started revising Sociology. Watched C. Street & revised some more.”

DP! Who is DP? I’m going to go for a young Ralph Macchio, but instead imagine he’s called Dave.

dp 2


“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had double Sociology, revised a bit in class. Elaine been in London. Had Commerce with Andy (Andrea?), asked if she wanted to stay in my house. Watched French film, The Evil Trap.”


“Woke up 8.35. Had double C. Studies, I’m dreading the exam, I know I’m going to do badly. Revised some more Sociology, watched C. Street, Benny Hill, and last part of Frost In May.”


“Woke up 8.30, went to school, had double G. Science. Had Commerce with Andrea. Went to Milburns, saw Brock. Boy asked Mags, saw Donna’s boyfriend, had bath.”


“Woke up 8.30, went to school, had double rounders. Ann got row. Had double C. Studies, I’ve got to change to Needlework. (!) After dinner had Biology. Revised English till 8.50, helped Mam tape records, phoned Auntie Gaenor.”

Computer Studies to Needlework?


“Went to village. Went on A.E. Boat. Went to Beaumaris.”


“No church. Went on bike to Auntie Joan’s. Left ring.”

Beginning to think you’re trying to lose that ring on purpose.


There’s an address I’ve had to cover, so I’ve covered it with a postcard of Rhyl. The rest of the page is filled with a weight chart, where we discover our heroine is on a diet, possibly in order to attract Brock, who is ace. S, seriously: Kit-kats are better than Brock. Trust me.

We can only speculate on what Brooke Shields’ crime was. Maybe she asked Paul Bateman out.

Join me in part 10 for exam stress and a trip to Alton Towers…

13 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 9: I’LL KILL HER

    1. That was a Big Thing in 1982 – the first visit of a reigning (if that’s the word) Pope to the UK. It was all over the News; adoring crowds everywhere, helicopters, Popemobiles… Now all we get is Theresa May. Ah, nostalgia.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I always assumed she was at secondary school, but with all the Welsh and Sociology and Computer Studies…err needle work she does is she older and at a sixth form?

    My only frame of reference for weight it that I think I was about this at the age of 17/18 although when I late picked a number out of the air to guess what a tall girl of similar age was I felt safe to go for ten stone. She almost smacked me. I’m guessing S must have been quite big then. I don’t know how though with all the disco dancing.

    And important word: “w. Skis” on the third. The combination of the capital S followed by the k does look similar to our mystery word from the beginning. What the hell is “w. Skis” though? Have we got that right? If only she could talk there would be so much which she could teach us.


    1. I assumed it was ‘water skis’. Capital S is my word processor being a dick I think, I’ll double check. It’s like she writes in bloody code sometimes. Lol how dare she not make it clear for future nosy people 😀


      1. Water skis? This is clearly a dystopian Bullseye vision of the 1980s where everyone had their own speedboat which they part-owned with their non dart thrower friend.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank fuck she’s concentrating on the important details like wake up time, and not the boring things like water skiing.


    Liked by 1 person


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