Welcome back to S’s diary. In part 9 we saw our heroine REALLY not liking Sarah or Brooke Shields. This part is even more worrying than that. Seriously, I sat here for 10 minutes muttering “bloody hell” to myself.

Let’s crack on…



“Woke up 8.35, went to school. Had double Welsh. Saw Tony Parry in Maths, I like him. (My money’s on this being a different Tony, she wouldn’t suddenly decide to start using his surname unless she was mental.) Had G. Science. Saw exam timetable. Had letter on Alton Towers. Revised English. Saw C. Street, & Live & Let Die, and Steptoe & Son.”










“Went to Bangor. Got rollerskates. Went to Deiniolen.”


“Went to church. Revised. Went to Llanfechell.”



“Woke up 8.30. Went to school, had lots of free lessons, to revise. Went to Sarah’s party, gave her £1. Lent Bat Out Of Hell L.P., it’s good. Watched play, ‘On Approval’, it was ace!”


“Woke up 8.45, was not late for school, did not have Sociology marks. Had film in Commerce, NatWest man came. Put in places for exams.”



“Woke up 8.35, had English exam, for three hours, then had Maths after dinner, it wasn’t too bad. After tea revised Biol., and watched Coronation Street, and Butterflies, and Chicago Story.”


“Woke up 8.50, was nearly late. Had Biol. exam, I don’t think I’ve done well. After dinner had Welsh exam. Watched Top Of The Pops, and Fame.”


“Woke up 8.35, went to school. Had no exam in morning, had to go in 1.00 for English exam. It was quite easy. Made cakes when I came home. Watched Selwyn Froggitt, and Please Sir. Mam not feeling well.”


“Got rollerskates for present”

“Went to Rhyl. Went rollerskating. Saw Elfryn in my party.”

Birthday?!!?? Happy birthday S!!!!!!



“Went to church. Elfryn, Julie and Russell came. Only stayed for 3 minutes.”

I’m not surprised, since you were clearly standing there with a stopwatch.



“Woke up 8.35, went to school. Had General Science and C. Studies exams, they were very hard. (I’m not surprised – General Science is spent staring at Tony, and you don’t seem to have ever been near a computer in Computer Studies.) Afternoon revised. Came home, had tea. Revised some more. Watched C. Street.”


“Woke up 8.30. Went to school. Had Maths and Welsh Language exam. Revised in afternoon. Came home, had piece of birthday cake.”


“Woke up 8.35, went to school. Had commerce exam, the very last one. After dinner went to S & A (I think), got bag and tee shirt. After tea, paradise, no revising. Watched C. Street, Benny Hill, Butterflies and Chicago Story.”


“Woke up 8.35. Had double G. Science. Didn’t get mark. Had free lessons all day. Had 48% in Sociology. Watched Fame and Top Of The Pops & Max Boyce.”


“Woke up 8.35. Went to school. Had double Gym. Had Tennis. Had nice dinner. Had Biol. mark. Went to Menai Bridge to get comics & sweets. Went to Nain’s, Alan came eventually. (?) Maggie phoned.”


“Went to Southport. Went to fair & round shops.”


“Woke up 10.45. Went to see Alan. Came home, watched telly.”



“Woke up 8.30. Andrea brought her clothes here. Sarah came here dinner time, to get record. (Can’t believe you’ve forgiven that whore of babylon.) Andrea came here after school, to stay. Had trifle for tea. Played tapes & Cluedo in bed. Want Mam very much.”

Where is Mam?


“Alton Towers”

“Woke up 6.45. Took ages in bus to get to Alton Towers. We got here 12.00. Andrea, Sarah and Donna went on Corkscrew, went on Pirate Ship, went to aquarium, went in penny arcade, got brilliant disco & buffet on way back.”



“Woke up 8.35, went to school. Had free lessons all day. Went to Needlework. Made friends with Maggie. Made better friends with Gwyn. Took in trousers. Went to Maggie’s till 8.30. Watched Chicago Story.”


“Woke up 8.35. Had free lessons all day. Very hot weather, man collapsed and died in school. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Went to Bangor, bought shoes and bolero. Washed hair, went to school disco, danced with Justin and Phil Bach.”

“Man collapsed and died in school. Went to Bangor.”




“Woke up 8.30, went to school. Had tennis. Had free lessons again all day. Had lesson with Gorgeous Gwyn. (I DON’T GIVE A FUCK, A MAN DIED YESTERDAY!) Had report. School closed. Mam not pleased with report. Started to catch up with Needlework. (S)”


“Woke up 10.30. Went to Bangor. Auntie Enid here.”


“Went to church. Watched telly. Had bath. Went out, met Mandy.”

I’m quite relieved to be stopping here. Bloody hell. Anyway, join me in part 11 for salad and obsessive exercising.

Bloody hell.

13 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 10: Bloody hell

  1. Oh lord, I can’t stop laughing. She could make anything sound dull and every-day.

    On a different note, it does look like S&A but isn’t it more likely to be C & A, the department store?

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  2. Man collapsed and died. Went to Bangor. The two equally weighted sides of the same coin. This is why when I lived in Bangor for five years I was always in Bangor and thus never had to go to Bangor. I don’t think I could have coped with that. That and all the blood.

    Is her “Got rollerskates for present” comment ironic seeing as she’d bought her own just a week earlier?

    This entry does leave us on something of a period cliff-hanger since our very own Alan Turing cracked that code. How will it all end?

    Don’t we all have similar cherished childhood memories from when the NatWest Man came to School? I like to believe the NatWest Man is a traditional elemental pagan figure from British folklore – like the Green Man, the Straw Bear, or the Wicker Man – and not just something modern revivalists have jumped on the back of for commercial gain.

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    1. I hope not. A lot of it’s funny to our modern eyes, but there is some that’s very personal. At least it’s been anonymised.

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  3. Her sun sign is Cancer which explains all the stay home telly binging.

    The man dying….. reminded me of a friend’s diary entry: “Nanny died. Bonnie Tyler is at number 1 with “Total Eclipse of the Heart””.

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  4. S and A was a clothes shop on Bangor highstreet in the 80s which sold very cheap and nasty clothes.
    School uniforms were from there as it was the only place that accepted uniform vouchers for poor people.

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