In last week’s instalment, A MAN DIED AT SCHOOL, but S was more concerned with going to Bangor and buying shoes. This part carries on with the ‘Let’s only concentrate on the quite dull stuff that happened’ theme, and our heroine gets a suntan, but only on her hands…



“Woke 12.40 (ridiculous). After dinner, went to Menai Bridge, got my Guy comic. Came back, watched film, ‘Rose Of Washington Square’. Started knitting waistcoat. Watched Coronation Street & Minder.”


“Woke 10.40 (better). Had salad for dinner again. Went to library. Watched telly. After tea, salad again, went on bike with Maggs and Daren. Watched Simon & Simon, and Dallas Or Bust (F).”


“Woke up 10.40. Had dinner, salad again. Went to Bangor, got Madness single, Kim, and bag. (I have no idea what Kim is.) Maggie left me in Bangor. Knitted waistcoat. Auntie Ann and Uncle Tom came. Watched C. Street, Falcon Crest, and Butterflies.”

This is what a salad looked like in 1982:

80s salad


“Woke up 12.10. Had salad for dinner. Did some needlework catching up, went to Sharon’s, saw her kitten. Washed hair, went to Milburns disco, saw Brock. (!) Bethan went out with a bloke on C.B.”

C.B.? Please mean one of these, because they’re mega:



“Woke up 10.00. Went to Kwiks. Had pork pie and banana yoghurt for dinner. (Infinitely better than salad.) Went to Nain’s, used Quick Tan on my hands. Watched funny film. Tan turned out lovely. Went out on bike, watched Fall Guy in Maggie’s. Went 35 times round green. Watched Cagney & Lacey.”

“Tan turned out lovely.”



“Woke up 11.40. Went to Bangor. Got top. Went to DEINIOLEN.”

Please stop going to that place I can’t spell! And why are you now shouting it?


“Went to church, had Sunday dinner. Went to Maggie’s garden to sunbathe. TRAIN STRIKE OVER.”



“Woke up 8.30. Went to Rhyl on train. Went rollerskating. Went on beach to sunbathe, then went round shops. Got 5.50 train home, changed in junction. Watched C. Street. Started doing exercises. Watched Minder.”


“Woke up 10.40, went out on bike. Recorded One Step for Daren. Did exercises all afternoon. After tea went to Mandy’s to get her needlework books. Then went to Maggie’s. She put make up on me. Saw Tony in Beaumaris.”

TONY! Can’t remember if we’re supposed to like you or not by this point, but oh well.


“Woke up 11.30. Had tomatoes for dinner. (What, just tomatoes?) Did exercises all afternoon. Had chop & spaghetti for tea. Did exercises again. Mam didn’t feel well. Watched C. Street & Butterflies.”

How does someone even do exercises “all afternoon”?

2015-06-19 11.56.51


“Woke up 9.30. Mam surprised me by saying we’d go to Llandudno. Had a lovely day, got shoes & wool. Mam felt better. Went to Milburns. Lent Maggie’s clothes. Had bath.”


“Woke up 9.30, went to vet with Blackie, saw gorgeous vet. Went to Kwiks, and Nain’s, was on Lon Mor all afternoon. Went on bike 50 times round green, watched Magnum, and On The Line.”


“Woke up 10.50. Went to Llandudno with T.C.”



“Went to church. Packed to go on holiday. Had a bath.”

Join me next time for a special holiday edition, followed by a marked drop in the quality of our heroine’s output.

13 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 11: The biggest loser

  1. Why does she keep going to DEINIOLEN? I’ve looked it up and from where I imagine she lives it’s really far.

    Beaumaris? This really is from an era where kids got about. Bangor, Menai Bridge, DEINIOLEN. How does she do all this? No wonder I can’t work out where she lives.

    Lon Mor is a river in Scotland? What? I do wonder where this green is.

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      1. All I know is that Môr means sea and (after trying over variations of her handwriting) that there are places in Bangor that are prefixed “Lon” like Lon Pobty. I cannot find what that might mean though. However if you put “Lon Môr Bangor” into google then it takes you, without explanation, to Beach Road and “Hirael” where there is a green you can safely cycle around past the lovely sewage works.

        Apparently it is called King George V Field and that the gated entrance from Beach Road features a masoned (?) Lion and Unicorn. Lion? Lion by the sea? I dunno.

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      2. Lôn is the Welsh word for lane. Lôn Pobty means Bakery Lane (although pobty isn’t the normal word for bakery – I think it means communal oven or something similar). The reason Lôn Môr Bangor takes you to Beach Road is because Lôn Glan Môr is the Welsh name for the road.

        However, I can’t offer any other insight as to where her Lôn Môr might be – it could well be the one in Bangor.

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      3. Thanks for that. I was hoping that Lon would be something simple like road but not for the first time have I found that Google really makes a mess of translating Welsh for me.

        Another thing that Google maps doesn’t have is the local Welsh names for roads. If Beach Road is Lôn Glan Môr then surely locally it could become known as just Lôn Môr. All her Welsh lesson though and she’s missing all those circumflexes off. I fear for her exam result.


      4. Yeah, a combination of going to uni in Bangor coupled with being a massive language geek means I probably know more about the names of roads in Bangor than any sane person should…


  2. Kim was a girls mag, not as mature as My Guy though.

    I was CB crazy. My twig was low end so I couldn’t get too far out a signal. Handy for dating local boys though.

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  3. could Kim refer to a Kim Wilde single maybe?
    Deiniolen is a baffling place to go. It’s one of the most depressing villages I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to quite a few… Llanberis is way better. Every time I’ve been to Deiniolen I’ve been [story censored due to so there]. Seriously though, it’s a shithole. On a very big hill.

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