Welcome back people. Last week’s entry saw our heroine getting to grips with salad and exercising. Have her efforts paid off? Let’s find out…



“Woke up 10.30. Went to Bangor, had dinner. Went on holiday, was a long journey. When we reached (The Lake District), went down to the lake, and went on cruise along it. Was very tired.”



“Woke up 8.30. Had a lovely breakfast, orange juice, bacon & egg, and toast & coffee. Went to Dove Cottage where Wordsworth lived, and went around Grassmere. Went back to Bowness.”


“Woke up 8.20. Had a lovely breakfast again. Went over Kirkstone pass, had dinner there. Went to Ullswater, I sat in car. Had ice cream. Went to get chicken, went round shops in Bowness.”




“Woke up 8.30. Had lovely breakfast again. Went to Ambleside. (PLEASE STOP GOING TO PLACES YOU CAN’T SPELL AND I HAVE TO GOOGLE THEM) Had dinner there, then went to Grassmere, and then went round Bowness. Had toasted sandwich for supper.”


“Woke up 8.30. Had lovely last breakfast. Went round Bowness, went riding, had Pablo. Went home, went to get Winkle from Auntie Enid’s. Watched Cagney & Lacey.”


“Woke up 11.50. Went to Bangor. Went to Deiniolen.”

Sigh. Even the chicken was nail-biting compared to your usual routine.


“Went to church. Went to Auntie Joan’s on bike.”



“Woke up 10.20. Had dinner, did my embroidery. Watched telly. Had salad for tea. After, watched C. Street. Went to Nain’s to stay, saw Gail & Paul & Dafydd. Stayed the night.”


“Woke up 7.30. Had no breakfast. Started stripping Nain’s walls. Played with Dewi Puss. (Insert your own jokes here, I’m not your mother.) Had tea in Auntie Eleri’s, salad again. Went to bed 8.30, was very tired.”


“Woke up 8.30, had no breakfast. Went to Caernarvon, bought many things. Saw nasty girls. (?) Played with Dewi. Went to see Pedro. (Wait, wasn’t Pedro your horse in the Lake District? What’s going on?) Saw telly till 10, the went to bed.”

I don’t know if ‘nasty girls’ is any sort of movie, or if she literally means some bitches she knows. I’m not going to Google that one anyway.


“Woke up 10.30. Played with Dewi. After dinner Mam came, went to Auntie Enid’s. Came home, watched Fame & Top Of The Pops, went to bed.”


“Woke up 11.30. Had dinner, went to village, did some knitting. Watched Film Fun. Recorded all Maggie’s singles. Watched Magnum, Third Time Lucky, and On The Line.”

Me right now:



“Woke up 10.30. Went to Bangor. Watched telly.”


“Went to church. Went to bowling green. Went to stay in Nain’s.”



“Alan stayed.”


“Elfryn and Russell came.”

No idea why she’s suddenly decided to scrawl this in giant writing. She’s even stopped painstakingly noting her waking-up times. Something is afoot…

On the 11th and 12th, our heroine failed to even exist.


“Managed to get old blue jeans on. Saw Bonnie and Manon.”

Something about the way she says “managed to”:



“Went to Beaumaris. Saw U. Downstairs. (S)”



That’s your lot for now. Could it be that our heroine has suddenly decided to get herself a whirlwind social life, and no longer has time to record more than a cursory scrawl for posterity? Or is she just getting a bit bored of writing down the fact that she woke up at 8.37?

I’ve just realised as well – the really strange thing about this part is the lack of Tony and Paul Bateman. Has she renounced their affections on account of the fact that they’re divs and not interested in her? It’s a mystery.

Anyway, join me next time for the penultimate part, where S goes on a spending spree, and buys a perm kit.

5 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 12: chicken and jeans

  1. It seems a very short holiday. I’m going to skip over “had Pedro” and just wonder did they take horses with them? Must be more than one because there was a choice. Did she go in some sort of Gypsy convoy? Are they Gypsies? And all this going places is that them all moving their base of operations, centred around Deniolen, to somewhere more central?

    But then why leave the cat Winkle at home with Auntie Enid?

    Winkle’s a cat, right?

    I have no idea what a Dewi Puss is, though. A dragon which can’t leave the boundary of Wales?



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