Well, this is an quite emotional moment. It’s been a hell of a journey for me, your humble narrator, our brave heroine, and my 8 readers.

We got there in the end lads.

mr myagi

I’ll be honest, there isn’t much plot in this bit. I’ll be more honest, there isn’t any plot in this bit. But we do have some interesting and mental scribbles to look at.


If you’ve been doing the crossword at home, you might want to go back and not have seen this page. Spoiler alert. Anyway, Paul Bateman makes a welcome return to being ace after a notable absence while our heroine was distracted by perm kits.

Sadly, we’ll never know how the Paul Bateman saga turned out. Maybe she married him? Maybe she eventually rode off into the sunset with Tony, the third point in this love triangle? Or maybe she just went off him one day because he’d had his hair cut too short? I did that once. Do let me know how you think S’s love life turned out.

Over on the other page, we have a mixture of The Jam, The Beat, The Specials, Ska, Mod, and more Paul Bateman. I think S is being very forgiving here, considering Paul Bateman told her to “piss off”, then “fuck off”. We also have a couple of lesser-spotted Brocks.


In the time it’s taken S to turn the page, she’s gone from loving Paul Bateman to loving Brock. As everyone knows, your love counts for double if you write it on a Tube map.

S has also decided to be completely against war, and completely for peace:


Also of note is the unexpected return of Tony, although he’s obviously displeased our heroine again, probably by being a gimp and a div.


To finish, posters of Kate Bush, Ultravox and Spandau Ballet and an article about TV:


My favourite part is the following optimistic but wrong line:

“Will your school yearbook for 1991/2 still look like this – or will it be the size of a credit card, which you play in your portable TV?”

Thanks for reading guys. I hope one of you finds a Jam comb at some point.

14 thoughts on “Diary of an 80s teenager part 14: THE FINALE

  1. Our lives are now complete. Only, I can’t remember how it did end now? On holiday down south? But how did she do in her exams? So many questions.

    Did you find this diary in the Midlands? You need to go back and look for the next volume. I do and don’t hope she one day sees this. It is an interesting glimpse into a childhood from a certain period.

    (as I see now I scroll down, once again, someone has beat me to it, but anyway)
    Peace be in the world, yes…but that isn’t the CND logo…it’s the very similar symbol for Mercedes Benz. I only discovered that a few years ago…and I’m a whole lot older than her, so I forgive her.

    All my best to S out there in Bangor, Menai Bridge, or DENIOLEN or wherever we may find her.

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  2. Can’t believe it’s over. It was a great journey. S will be sadly missed. Perhaps you should start a campaign to track S down. It could be like one of those revisit episodes of shows like Grand Designs and stuff – “we all saw was S was like in the 80s, but here she is now!”

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  3. I’m actually quite sad that it’s all over. I hope she went on to have a good life, whether with Tony or whoever, but I really hope she sees this one day – S, we need updates!

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  4. I’d let you go through my teenage diaries of the same period but sadly they feature rather fewer perm kits and rather more drugs and masturbation.

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  5. I need answers! S if you ever see this how did you do in General Science? I imagine her moving to Cardiff and living the high life in the mid late eighties discos. And maybe eating discos.

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  6. My detective work is…
    She lived/s very close to her school as getting up so late but never actually being late.
    She could live in Cwm y glo, bryn refeil or Llanrug
    And get to ysgol bryn refail in Llanrug in that time.
    Deniolen is just up the road, and buses would take her to Bangor.
    Llanrug also on bus route to caernarfon, which also had a kwik save back then.
    The other school which is possible is the one in Bethesda, ysgol Dyffryn ogwen, where Peter prenderghast was a teacher in the 80s. Bethesda is close to Bangor just down the A5, but also has a road over the mountain through mynydd Llandegai to deniolen.
    Not sure about either of these but who knows????

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  7. That big blank spot in the last part – did her Mam die? That would explain the blank, the big, loose handwriting, and why there were so many relatives around.



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