Rainbow Comic: let’s do some puzzles for 5 year olds

A frequently overlooked feature in Rainbow Comic is the ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ puzzle. This is normally overlooked by me because I’m busy using Paint to make Geoffrey call Bungle a bastard. And also that ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’, in the context of Rainbow Comic, is quite an overwhelming question.

Anyway – today I got bored with constantly winning at puzzles designed for pre-school age readers, and decided to share them with you. Because, let’s face it, if my blog is going to get a steady stream of 8 readers, then I’m going to write stuff with niche appeal. So here are two standout examples I found while scanning in a bunch of issues. I’ll post the puzzle, and then the puzzle with answers, so you can all play along at home.

One house rule I will insist on if you’re doing these puzzles along with me: I’ve left the upside down answers bit visible on the page, and I trust you not to look at it until you have all the answers. You’ll only be letting yourself down if you do that.

Our first puzzle is called ‘Dining Out’, and features the gang having a slap up meal at a fancy bollocks restaurant. I think they’re celebrating the upcoming reboot of Peer Gynt starring Jason Statham.


Study the above closely before you refer to my answer key, conveniently located below the next picture.


I have warned you…

OK, here we have the answers to ‘Dining Out’:


1. The waiter supports Bradford City. No one supports Bradford City.

2. Bungle is wearing clothes.

3. That penguin would have eaten that fish by now.

4. Dress code appears to be “black tie on top, jeans on bottom”.

5. That man and that lady aren’t married.

Our second challenge-a-rama is called Leader Of The Band:


Bungle, George and Zippy have decided to form an orchestra, along with some men they recruited outside Safeway. And a clown. But look more closely, and all is not as it seems. This time we’re looking for a whopping seven wrong things.

If I could type out the Countdown or Jeopardy music here, I would.

OK, ready for the answers?


1. Bungle looks weirdly angry.

2. So does that pianist.

3. As if Bungle can play the cello.

4. Pretty sure orchestras are supposed to wear black shoes.

5. Half the musicians have their backs to the conductor.

6. Man’s inhumanity to man.

7. Everyone is playing Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 3, apart from the guy on the trumpet who is attempting ‘Y Viva Espana’.

If you got all the answers, congratulations! You don’t win anything, except the knowledge that this is now over. Now I’m going to watch some old idents on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Comic: let’s do some puzzles for 5 year olds

  1. Zippy assured Geoffrey that it wasn’t black tie. Zippy thought it would be a laugh, and Bungle went along with it because you can’t get dress shirts with a forty inch collar.

    Geoffrey now feels like an utter twat, and is planning to order the most expensive bottle he can find on the wine list, neck it and then fuck off and leave the others with the bill as revenge.

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