In the book I wrote, the protagonist’s prized possession is a Daniel O’Donnell mug that gives her advice. To celebrate selling any copies of my book at all, I’m going to buy myself a lovely Daniel mug. Obviously this has led to me browsing various objets d’art featuring the twinkly Irish crooner, which I couldn’t not share with you, because I’m nice like that.

Bingo dabber

bingo dabber

Featuring all the floating Daniel heads you could ever want.

Car sign thing

car sign

Why is there a shoe on it.

Happy Birthday candle

birthday candle

Only suitable if you are Helen, and are buying it for your Best friend Jessica.



She does, you know.

Cardboard cut-out

cut out

I think this is meant to deter burglars, like in Home Alone.

Whatever this is

whatever this is


this mug


3 thoughts on “Some lovely Daniel O’Donnell merchandise

  1. I was at a car boot sale a few weeks back, and stumbled across a massive pile of D.O’D memorabilia. More DVDs and VHS than you can shake a stick at. From a house clearance! I’m not sure what that says about his fan base.. I bought some CDRs which turned out to have some photos of him on them, from a 2005 fan trip! They are now being dribbled out by (twitter)@foundphotobot 🙂

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