Booze! Hostess trolleys! Fuck knows! Here’s a selection of the very best Central TV has to offer its winning plebs on Bullseye…

In 1!

Are you fat? We don’t want that! You massive twat. It’s this exercise thing.

exercise thing 4.31

In 2!

HOT PEAS! It’s this hostess trolley.

hostess trolley 6.32

In 3!

We’re not sure if you win the coat, the plant, or the thing on the wall, but it’s one of them!

barometer thing 0.09

In 4!

Take ’em back to the shop, or you’re for the chop – it’s some empty booze bottles!

booze 11.03

In 5!

Help, get it away from me – it’s a remote control lifeless staring animal.

cat 1.16

In 6!

Keep the spirit of your dead relatives alive with this haunted chair!

chair 2.57

In 7!

Do you want these? We don’t. It’s some videos we got.

cheap videos 11.27

In 8!

Boom! Shake shake shake the room! Seriously – Central Television is not responsible for explosions or deaths. It’s this quite dangerous set of chemicals!

chemistry set 6.13

In 9!

What time is it? Quarter to 5! With this clock.

clock 3.46

In 10!

TONIGHT. With this phallic decanter.

decanter TONIGHT 5.52

In 11!

Ever wished your furniture would enslave us all? Well now it can, with this Welsh dresser overlord!

dresser 10.49

In 12!

See your kids’ faces light up with this Game Gear, then see them fall again as they see the selection of games!

game gear 1.59

In 13!

Hole in one! Hole in the laws of physics that is, with this floating set of golf clubs!

golf clubs 9.40

In 14!

Say ‘Bully’ three times and he’ll appear and steal your stuff! That’s right, it’s this evil mirror!

haunted mirror 15.18

In 15!

“Bossa Nova!” “Please stop playing that Nigel, I’ll leave you.” It’s this keyboard!

keyboard 16.31

In 16!

Had your licence revoked for drink driving? Now you can still get to work on this child’s bike!

kids bike 9.47

In 17!

Its… whatever this is!

misc 5.19

In 18!

‘My pets are all dead!’ You’ll never have to say that again with these invisible fish!

tank 11.55

In 19!

“Hello, who’s that?” “It’s golf.” “What?” “It’s golf.” “What?” “I don’t know. Hello.” Have golf phone you with this golf phone thing!

golf phone 16.27

And Bully’s Special Prize:

Some plates. I hope they lost on purpose that week.

plates 15.25

Got a Patreon lads, it’s about as shit as these prizes.

5 thoughts on “The best of Bully’s Prize Board

  1. I used to watch it just to see what games console one of the prises were and I would get quite excited (although I loved it I only had a Spectrum 48K)



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