Me and Alex have both had horrible flu this week, and are now at the ‘malingering’ stage. As a result, we’ve had lots of time to sit there clicking random things on the internet. One stop on our travels was the subreddit r/DeepIntoYouTube, which is a lovely and not at all terrifying knackers yard for forgotten or otherwise unloved YouTube videos. Because I am nice, I thought I’d share the best ones I found.

Disclaimer: I genuinely love some of these. With others, I’m just taking the piss a bit. I’ll leave you to decide which is which.

All the unnecessary parts of a chair

A cutting commentary (pun not even intended, I’m just that good) on needless consumerism, accompanied by accidental rude noises and a bonus ‘will he fall/won’t he fall’ feature.

Self Esteem

A spoof advert that I may or may not be dreaming as I type this.

Professional problem solving (at Christmas)

Reason for appearance of Christmas tree is not known. The important thing is: When it comes to problems, our success depends on our ability to solve problems at a professional level. Are you an amateur problem solver? You will see professional results if you are a professional problem solver.

Man shouts at pony


Turkish Man Could Fly

A moving depiction of man’s inhumanity to man.

Something to do with Undertale?

To be fair, the description states that “I feel like I just create a shitpost”.

U wot m8

U wot m8.

Mr T.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Spoiler alert: Hello.

Mid-Day Martini

A chilling look at why vloggers are fucking rubbish.


On the plus side, me and Alex have stopped projectile vomiting and stuff.

Melty face lady

This just makes me happy at how much she’s amusing herself.

“So, I died.”

That’s apparently the English translation.

Book’s out on November 1st lads! Click here, or don’t, see if I care.

2 thoughts on ““Man shouts at pony”: A selection of YouTube videos

  1. Hello. As an amateur problem solver with below adequate self-esteem, I approve the use of the letter “t” in this article. I also found the PSA regarding ponies and hot water useful. Thank you for your continuing efforts at education.



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