You know what would cheer us all up today? Watching Bungle losing his shit and having a nervous breakdown. Luckily, I’ve got a banging selection of clips for your perusal featuring Ursa Idiotus throwing his weight about, crying, and generally being a tit.


Wanting to be Jill

“I demand to be Jill, and you better believe I’m going to molest my own nipples if this doesn’t happen! And if it does.”

To be fair, it is quite hard to be menacing when you’re wearing such a lovely hat. Luckily, the answer to this problem is to give Bungle an even lovelier hat.

General crying

Honestly, I got nothing. Bungle just starts crying buckets like a big hairy woman for no real reason. All that had happened to set him off was that Zippy mildly splashed Geoffrey with some cake mix.

Bonus breakdown: Geoffrey loses his shit at the lot of them. I think he probably wields a spatula at them off-camera. I don’t blame him.

Hello I have made you a trifle for no reason

This bout of insanity comes at the end of an episode called ‘What the fuck is wrong with Bungle?’ which is about Bungle, and what the fuck is wrong with him, like anyone cares. After spending the day not eating, not speaking to anyone and generally moping around, Bungle decides the answer to all his problems is to make everyone a hostess trolley full of food. How he manages this is unclear, since he’s supposed to be about 3.

Suddenly caring about being naked

Bungle’s decided he’s hot shit because he’s been invited to a party. This somehow means he doesn’t want to have a bath. When Geoffrey tries to take his towel off him, Bungle bitch slaps him away. Are you really trying to tell me that Bungle has chosen now to care about the others seeing his knob flapping in the breeze?

Fine I’ll destroy my picture

For reasons known only to Bungle, he needs the entire table, because he’s scribbling on some wallpaper. When George suggests Bungle might like to not take up the entire fucking table, Bungle responds by screwing up his own picture and then going to stand six inches away.


Bungle is dreaming that he’s a king, but even dream Bungle can’t behave normally for one second. When Rod, Jane and Freddy sing a vaguely insulting song at him, he orders them to live on bread and water. When his subjects revolt and leave, Bungle is left with Princess Jane, who tries to kiss him. King Bungle is so traumatised by this that he abdicates.

I need a piss!

The gang have gone camping, which is their first mistake. They’ve brought Bungle along, which is their second mistake. Out of nowhere, Bungle goes from zero to MY BLADDER WILL EXPLODE in half a second. And then he starts crying because a frog looks at him.

What are instructions?

Bungle is attempting to put a kite together. As you can see, he’s getting on brilliantly. When George suggests he might want to look at the instructions, he claims not to know what instructions are. This explains so much. Bungle then vastly improves the situation by dropping his kite on the floor and standing on it.

Fed up and cross

If Bungle had a catchphrase, it would be “I’m fed up and cross, and I’m not playing any more!” Either that or “Jane, can I have some of your hair to put on my Jane shrine?” To be fair, this one is justified, because Zippy is being a dickhead. However, it’s still Bungle’s fault for not moving to North Korea like he should have done.

If you liked my book, do me a solid and tell other people about it. If you haven’t read it, it’s here and has lots of swears in it.

10 thoughts on “Bungle’s mental breakdowns

  1. There’s something immensely satisfying about the fact that, when Zippy delivers a genuinely good joke in the ‘I need a piss’ clip, he’s not told off or ignored. Jane and George do a proper laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT in the video after he screws up his massive rubbish picture, and storms over to Zippy? This is one of the few moments when Zippy actually seems bothered about something, and is genuinely in fear of his life as he calls for Geoffrey.


  3. I never knew David Troughton was in Rainbow!

    That makes it both of Sharpe’s Dukes of Wellington having been in it, with Hugh Fraser. There’s some useless knowledge for you.


  4. Oh my god Jenny I LOVE your blog. I’m a huge fan and this article was amazing. Always hated Bungle

    Can you review Seraph of the End?


  5. What episodes are these from? Especially the ones where Bungle bursts into tears for no reason, Bungle screwing up his picture and Zippy shouting “I’m a fisherman!” The latter is as random as one of Bungle’s breakdowns. πŸ˜›

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  6. Oh my god!…I can’t remember Bungle being such a big lady baby!? He really was a proper maunjy twat!
    Thanks for the great post πŸ˜‰



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