Welcome back to my museum of shit mugs. As I write this, I have an unopened present from one of my family members under my Christmas tree. It is definitely mug shaped.

It is either:

  • A Daniel O’Donnell mug
  • Unicorn nonsense that has a pack of sweets in it
  • A hilarious mug with a picture of a cock on it that someone’s bought me from a charity shop

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, please enjoy this cavalcade of penguins, royal weddings, and steam trains.

Andy and Fergie’s wedding (from Catt Weazle)

catt weazle andy fergie

“We took our son on a Christmas train ride at Chasewater and he was given this as a present. It’s nice enough but not really suitable for a three year old.” (from Lisa Perry)

3 year old present Lisa Perry

Festive Bastard Cat (from Astrid Newby)

festive astrid newby

“I bought it for 50p from a charity shop” (from Luke Childs)

I bought it for 50p from a charity shop luke childs

If it’s that bloody lucky why is it chipped (from Kate Spikes)

luck of the irish kate spikes

“My son’s favourite cup” (from Kirstie Atkinson)

my sons favourite cup kirstie atkinson

“I hate this mug. I don’t even like penguins. I’d prefer a Daniel O’Donnell mug to this shit.” (from Tracy Lawrence)

tracy lawrence

“A gift from Jemma Richmond and Gary Clarkson” (from Sophie Wills)

Regular readers will know Jemma Richmond as the Queen of shit cups in Part 2. Seriously Jemma, what is your problem?

A gift from Jemma Richmond and Gary Clarkson Sophie Wills

And the winner of Part 3 –


dav crabes manilow

Join me next time for bears in leather shorts, rubbish Versace, and “how to make coffee”.

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2 thoughts on “Crap Cups part 3: Barry Manilow extravaganza

  1. I’d have loved it if that Barry Manilow mug had just had “BARRY MANILOW GREATEST HITS” on it on its own, and none of the song titles – just a bald statement of an artist and album title. You could expand something like that into a series: “NIRVANA IN UTERO”, “VARIOUS ARTISTS 48 SUPER DISCO HITS”, “THE GEROGERIGEGEGE TOKYO ANAL DYNAMITE”. Just those phrases, all in that exact same font, in blue on white.

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