Have you ever thought to yourself “I like Bungle, but I wish he looked a lot shoddier”? This is the project for you!

This is what we are making:


As you can see, it should be a piece of piss.

You will need:

– a grown up

– a brown paper bag

– sellotape or something

– a stick for poking it with

– probably some drugs


Right, my first mistake is not having a brown paper bag. My second mistake is ever having started this fucking blog.

I don’t have a brown paper bag, because who the hell has a brown paper bag in current year? I could nip to Primark and buy some pants, but then Bungle would have ‘Primark’ written on him, and I don’t really want that.

Never mind, I’ll use a jiffy bag. It’s brown, it’ll be fine.

Right, I’m all set.

you will need

I hope you’re making this along with me, otherwise I’m going to look a dickhead.


puppet instructions

Now then. ‘Ask a grown up to help you cut out the parts’. I can do that.

Update: I asked Alex to help me cut the bits out, but he just looked at me. I might have to try doing it myself.


face small

Seeing all these mangled, dismembered Bungle parts scattered around makes me upset. And a bit hungry.

‘Stick the Bungle parts onto the bag’.

And there was me thinking you stuck the Bungle parts onto your own face. Actually, I must try doing that one day. I’ll stick them on my face without telling Alex, and then I’ll sneak up on him when he’s on the loo. That’ll be good.

‘Fill the bag with bits of torn up newspaper’. No problem. I am bossing this.

‘Put the filled-up bag over a wooden spoon and close it up with an elastic band’.

Shit. I don’t have a wooden spoon or an elastic band. Never mind, I’ve got parcel tape and a whisk. I’ll improvise.

I’ll be honest lads, making a Bungle puppet is harder than it looks.

harder than it looks

And now I can’t use the whisk.


If you back me on Patreon, I will use the money to do shit like this. Just in case you wanted to waste your money.

4 thoughts on “Let’s make a Bungle bag puppet

  1. Dear Jenny

    I was shocked to find this page whereby a 1970s bear is being celebrated. I bet you don’t know that he has been under my personal investigation as I think he runs a small but select, fetish sex club in a grotty downstairs basement, probably in Tipton.

    I have based this purely on the fact that he has sinister eyes. Just look at his eyes. When falling deeply into his trance, I see a world where gentlemen in bowler hats, carrying an umbrella, briefcase and a rolled up copy of The Times under their arm, solicit this sordid den of eniquity for their own sexual gratification.

    I strongly suspect that Bungle is the ringleader, however, I’m also sure that “Cuddles” (I hate that duck) is involved at a higher level and is the “over boss”. There would be evidence of scraps of ginger hair left in chairs where recipients of his sexual torture have his fags stubbed out on their bawbags (I have to spell it like that as it’s infinitely funny when said in a Scottish accent)

    Should the above be correct, I would also suspect Sooty & Sweep of being involved in this weird, 1970s world of sexual deviancy. I’m sure that “Sue” is also involved and likes to parade round showing off her sexy cloth panda body in a lacy bodice. Unfortunately she cannot show off her fishnets as the filthy bear temptress has no legs.

    Sooty and Sweep obviously are the pimp & muscle in the equation & I should imagine work under Bungle as enforcers & are probably involved in extortion & getting illicit substances in for the likes of Derek Griffiths & Terry Nutkins, who were probably patrons back in the day, paying extra for George & Zippy to take it in turns bringing them off while Rod, Jane & Freddy perform sordid acts too racy for this comment. Oh yes, the whole gang are involved.

    So I’m sorry to shatter your illusions of an innocent 1970s/encroaching into 1980s, however the above is the truth as far as I can tell. Next week I’ll be investigating the Blue Peter garden wrecking incident, where that footballer was used as a cover up for Percy Thrower, who actually ran a crack den from the greenhouse.


    Mr. Stephen Shitlegs,
    22 Blowoff Mansions,


  2. Great, I’ve always wanted to start a collection of ’80s British children TV show characters that have been decapitated and had their head skewered on a spike. I like the idea of having Mooncat’s feline face stuck on a pole to intimidate my enemies. I want to be the Vlad the Impaler of CITV.



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