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bungle jane

People who follow me on Twatter will be familiar with this picture whether they want to be or not, because I tweet it several times an hour. Today, we’re going to answer the age-old question that no one asked except me: Why is Bungle dressed as Jane?

Disclaimer: I have an ear infection and things aren’t making much sense to me at the moment. I’m not sure how watching Bungle going round in a skirt will help matters, but this is what I’m choosing to do.

OK, Before we begin, let’s have a pop quiz: Why do you think Bungle is dressed as Jane?

A) Religious festival

B) He’s a spy, but a really shit one

C) He plans to look at himself in the mirror and go “Oh god I love you Bungle, I want to leave Rod and Freddy and do sex with you instead”

Actually, none of these are correct, apart from C, which is obviously always the case. It’s why Bungle has a readily available Jane costume in the first place.

Let’s begin. The gang are cosplaying as Rod, Jane and Freddy, because why not.


To be fair to Bungle, he has made the most effort, and isn’t just holding a plastic guitar. The fact that he’s terrifying is neither here nor there.

Geoffrey comes into the room and immediately regrets coming into the room.


“Geoffrey guess who I am!”

“I don’t know. Hitler.”

Bungle laughs at Geoffrey’s funny joke. “No you silly bastard, I’m Jane! Look, I’ve got an old curtain for my skirt, and some yellow wool for my hair! I asked Jane if I could have some of her hair to glue to my head but she said no.”

Then this happens for a bit:


I’ll be honest, it’s at this point that I’m considering giving up blogging. I don’t see where I can go from here.

“Go on Geoffrey, you pretend to be someone now!”

“OK, I’ll do my Bungle impression.”


Just kidding. Geoffrey is pretending to be Jack Sprat and his fat wife.

And then I got this screenshot, which isn’t relevant to the plot but I like it.


George does some boring nursery rhyme impression, while Geoffrey desperately tries to look interested. Please note that Bungle is still wearing that skirt and hair.


It does hinder him somewhat when he tries to win an argument with Zippy.


You know what, so far the plot of this episode has just been ‘Bungle is dressed as Jane’.

Meanwhile, Rod Jane and Freddy (the real Jane, not her obese hairy tribute act) are doing a song where they dress up, and you have to guess who they are.

Right, this is going to be a piece of piss. Let’s see if I can guess who they are.

1) I think this is Rod.


2) I think this is also Rod.

also rod

3) Why is Freddy dressing up as a traffic warden? Who does that?


Back in the Rainbow house, Bungle is still arguing with Zippy, and is still dressed as Jane. If anything, he’s now got more Jane hair on than before.


Zero fucks given by Bungle.

Seriously, nothing at all has happened in this episode, apart from ‘Bungle is dressed as Jane’. I might have some codeine.

After Geoffrey reads a story (which isn’t about Bungle being dressed as Jane so as far as I’m concerned it’s not canon), it’s time for a ‘guess who I am’ contest! The people taking part in this contest are Geoffrey, George and Bungle on one team, and Rod, Jane and Freddy on the other team. Because, as we know, none of them has ever met any other people, ever.


Bungle is no longer dressed as Jane. I suspect this is because the real Jane is in the room, and Bungle thinks the others wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

Right, this is Cherades, except they’re all doing nursery rhymes. Rod’s taking it super seriously.


And why wouldn’t he? He’s got fabulous hair.

That goes on for a bit, and then Zippy announces he’s got a surprise for everyone.

Bungle: “Have you won the lottery?”

Zippy: “Don’t be stupid Bungle, the lottery hasn’t been invented yet.”

Bungle “…”

Bungle: “…Have I won the lottery?”

Before everyone can murder Bungle, Zippy announces his surprise:


Bobby Davro!

Presumably, Zippy has been hiding Bobby Davro in the cupboard under the stairs all day.

Bobby Davro immediately starts doing impressions of everyone. His impression of Bungle consists solely of walking round like a fretting knobhead.


After a few more bits and pieces, we finish on Davro’s impression of Geoffrey, which Geoffrey takes in good humour, but you can tell he’s totally going to murder him.


So, what have we learned today? Well… absolutely nothing, apart from that Bungle owns a Jane costume. So I suppose the moral of the story is… Bungle owns a Jane costume.


7 thoughts on “Rainbow episode review: Dead Wrongers

  1. I was coming up with a joke about Freddy’s traffic warden costume looking like Freddie Starr’s Hitler routine but then Davro showed up and made the whole thing irrelevant.

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