Hi gang, today we’re making this:


This is probably going to be a bit easier than the Bungle puppet, because as far as I can tell you just cut out George’s face and glue it to your own face.

You will need:


– Some elastic

– A grown up


GM method

Right, I don’t have any ROUND ENDED SCISSORS, so I’ve had to use super sharp adult scissors to cut this out. I managed to do this with only the bare minimum of injury to me.

Next, put some elastic through the holes. What holes, the eye holes? Oh wait, those holes at the side. I’m bossing this.

I don’t have any elastic, because who has bits of elastic lying around? Never mind, I’ve got a great plan. I’ll get to that.

Your George mask is ready to wear!


Something seems off. I can’t put my finger on it.

Anyway, let’s try on our awesome George mask! I can’t wait to pretend to be George, said no one ever. But I’ve already spent 10 minutes on this project, I’m not going to abandon it now.

I don’t want to wear the George mask, so I’ve roped in Alex to be my lovely model. I cleverly solved the elastic problem by using sellotape instead.


Shit, I know what I’ve done wrong. I think you’re supposed to cut the eyes out. I thought that was just decoration. The problem is I can’t really get the mask off now, on account of how the sellotape will immediately wax Alex’s head. And I can’t poke at his eyes with scissors, not even ROUND ENDED SCISSORS. We didn’t think this through.

Never mind, I’ll improvise.

GM 3


Also, I forgot to stick the mask to some card in the beginning. To be honest, I think that’s the least of my problems.



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