I’m a bit of a pop enthusiast. But I like proper pop, not diet flavoured water with natural extracts of kale and smug. Panda Pops have always been among my favourites, but sadly they’re illegal now, I think. That’s OK, I remember my Panda Pops flavours well enough to bring you the definitive ranking of classic flavours. Whether you fought other kids to the death to defend your favourite flavour, or just didn’t buy flavours you weren’t keen on, Panda Pops had something for everyone and there were always arguments to be made for each flavour.

Since I am a goddamn Panda Pops expert, I’m going to settle the age old debate: which Panda Pops were brilliant, and which were shit?

Get ready for a trip down memory lane as I review all your old favourites.



A limited edition flavour sponsored by the Gas Board, this wasn’t around for very long. I didn’t like it much. It tasted of gas. 3/10.



This loses points for being a blatant rip-off of Onion Coke. That being said, it was pretty much the same as every other onion pop out there, and god knows everyone on the internet talks about onion pop enough. I’m not a fan – if it was ever possible to make your piss fizzy, I suspect this would be the result. Disappointing. 1/10.



Before vegans went round telling everyone they were vegan, no one knew vegans existed, so companies put all their efforts into wooing vegetarians instead. This flavour promised “absolutely zero meat content”. However, they really alienated their target market by making it lamb flavoured. 4/10.



Described by the broadsheets as “mellow with a hint of zesty nutmeg” (the Times) and “really shit wine, tastes like a lady’s chuff” (the Guardian), Panda Pops merlot flavour hoped to top shandy in attracting the newly emerging under-10 crowd in pubs and off-licences. The main problem was the failure to include any alcohol. This didn’t stop kids pretending to be hammered after drinking it, staggering round shouting “willy” and “piss” at the tops of their voices. Idiots. 7/10.

Princess Diana Memorial flavour

princess diana memorial

“Like a panda in the wind” went the advert, and we were all moved by this touching and fizzy tribute. Smoked salmon flavour, if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was bubblegum. Whatever, it was stunning and brave. 9/10.



For those who liked their flavours unflavoured, plain Panda Pops claimed not to include anything at all, not even water. However, the substantial list of ingredients on the back of the bottle showed this to be a lie. 2/10.



I think this was supposed to be called something else, but it ended up with this name due to a labelling error at the factory. Maybe it tasted of orange. 5/10.



Sadly, I’m not allowed to review this flavour. 10/10.



Everyone remembers their dad buying this from Tandy. This 1990s classic was marketed as “for the man who really likes buying speaker wires from Tandy”. Carbon flavoured with a hint of Minidisc. 11/10.


I wrote a novel and it is on Amazon. It has bits about Skeletor and Rumbelows in it.

11 thoughts on “Reviewing Panda Pops flavours

  1. Another well written hilarious piece.
    The sad thing is I clicked on this thinking it was going to be the real flavors and took me till Merlot to work out it was a piss take lol. Thanks for making me laugh yet again!

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      1. My only defense I thought Gas and Onion were some weird special edition like Walkers crisps. For e.g Brussel Sprouts, fish and chips, marmite, and Salt and Vinegar. At least I didn’t get down to the princess Diana one (my personal fave) lol.

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  2. Yes Adam! As a Yank, I thought these flavo(u)rs were just another load of Brit shite – like “treacle”, HobsKnobs, or some such…


  3. We used to holiday at my gran’s house in Folkestone. It was just round the corner from the Rola Cola factory/refinery/mine/whatever. The whole area smelt of death.
    Maybe we could do a nostalgic, theoretical taste challenge of the two brands.


  4. Any ex squaddies reading this may remember the ubiquitous “bag lunch” that would be issued for a day on the ranges etc. Along with the “mystery fish” sandwiches and bags of cheese and vinegar flavoured crisp dust you would receive a bottle of Panda Pops, usually “Cola”. This gave rise to the “Panda Pops Challenge”, namely “if you can’t drink yours all in one go you can have mine.” Even the sachets of orange “Screech” in rat packs were preferable.


  5. The Panda Pop Fizzy Drinks in my opinion were discontinued thanks to the intervention of those who only liked the raspberry and cherry flavours and the health conscious mothers.

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