Just a small thing today, because I’m still not very well, but I thought we could have a look through some lovely football stickers. And since I am in a generous mood, I shall be handing out awards for the best ones. The footballers in question won’t actually get anything, or know they’ve won, but IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS OK.

(Spoiler alert: still off my tits on cough medicine lads.)

The ‘It’s OK, my hair can go in goal’ award:

hair can go in goal


A Borges winner

Fabio United’s lovely looking player of the year:

lovely nominees

Winner: This lady

This lady

Award for most goals scored while also rescuing the princess



The ‘Hey it’s that guy!’ award:

hey its that guy nominees



The ‘I don’t know, I’m just here to fix the pipes love’ award:

pipes nominees



The ‘Wait, am I at the football?’ award?



The Come And Get It Ladies award:

come and get it nominees


ladies winner

The ‘I just killed everyone in my village’ award:

village nominees

Winner (most kills):

village winner

The ‘Your head’s not really attached to your body is it’ award:


heads not attached

Peter Beardsley Award for saying hello to my mother once and she had no idea who he was

Winner: Peter Beardsley

Peter Beardsley

That’s the end of that, I guess.

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