Lads, I’ve made a Patreon page. This is to replace the ‘donate’ button on my blog, because I do try not to be a money grabbing ho. I really appreciate all the donations from you guys this year (I didn’t think I’d get so many), so I figured I’d start giving you extra stuff.

Anyway, here are my tiers:

(Disclaimer: it’s all in American, and I don’t know how to change that because I am an idiot and a div.)

patreon tiers

George ($5 a month)

Access to the World of Crap Discord, where we can chat about all kinds of crap, from episodes of Bargain Hunt to ‘Where are the sodding loft ladders? and hopefully we can get together to watch shit movies like ‘BIG WASP’ and ‘THE CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS’ when they come on TV.

Also, access to The World of Crap Digital Archive, a community project designed to archive stuff featured on the site, and a lot more. Full scans of annuals, magazines, comics, and anything else that can fit on a scanner. In baby form right now, but I’m adding new stuff every day.

Bungle ($12 a month)

Access to my Discord, the digital archive, and an exclusive Rainbow Comic at least once a month, like that’s a good thing.

Zippy ($25 a month)

Access to my Discord, the digital archive, an exclusive Rainbow Comic, and a parcel of crap sent to you – anything from action figures to badges to colouring books. 3  random items a month, all items are guaranteed to be shit/good. Guaranteed value: 3p a month.

Here’s a sample of the things you’ll get in your box o crap:

Patreon package stuff

They’re all dusty and rubbish, but they’re old and sometimes hilarious and you can probably sell them on at the car boot if you want to.

Anyway, link’s here or on the side. Hammertime.


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