The other day we welcomed a new addition to our family:

Ed photo

Ed is a rubber chicken from the pound shop. Some uneducated fools might suggest that Ed is a dog toy – he is no such thing. Ed is a beloved pet/objet d’art/provider of musical accompaniment.

Anyway, after we’d finished off the terrible booze from last Friday night, we discovered that Ed was a beautiful singer, and that gave us a brilliant idea. We’ve got Ed to help us with a game of ‘Name that classic TV theme’ for your enjoyment.

Below are videos of Ed singing ten different TV themes, and you guys can try guessing them if you want. Leave your guesses in the comments below, and if anyone gets them all right then… well, quite frankly I’ll be amazed.

Would recommend gin before attempting to guess.











I’ll put the answers up next week. There isn’t a prize, because let’s face it, this is a stupid idea.

Patreon lads (I’ll spend your money on more nonsense like this to be honest).

5 thoughts on “Name that TV theme featuring Ed the rubber chicken

  1. 1. A-Team
    3. Rainbow (what else!)
    6. Neighbours
    8. BBC News?!?!
    9. Bullseye
    10. Blockbusters

    And all from a Madrid hotel ahead of a full day of rehearsals. Sober.

    I should get out more..


  2. I can’t be arsed actually guessing but I would like to say that this is the absolute pinnacle of what the Internet was invented for. Splendid.



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