Hello. I like remembering things, and so do you. That’s why I’ve put together another list of classic toys, up to some of which you might have wanted for Christmas.

If you remember these then, yeah. Good for you.

Disclaimer: If you never got these, your parents didn’t love you. Sorry and all that.

Choose Your Dinner

choose your dinner

Balls Of Death

Balls of death

Fisher Price Disabled Knee

Fisher Price Knee Scabs

Kill It With Fucking Fire

kill it with fucking fire

Lovely Ballsacks


Fisher Price My First Sex Line

My first sex line

No Fucking Clue

No fucking idea

My Mum Warned Me Not To Do That At Night

My mum warned me to stop doing that

Oh Shit It’s Dead

Oh shit it's dead

Sasha Grey Viewmaster

Sasha grey viewmaster

Quick Stab Its Arse!

quick stab its arse

You Wot M8

You wot m8

Your Parents Hate You

your parents hate you

Fuck Off Kid, I’m Busy

fuck off kid



3 thoughts on “14 classic toys you wanted for Christmas

  1. Popples! Literally dying with laughter at this list.

    I had two small ones and er, one big one. They will forever be ball sacks in my heart, thanks!!!!

    Still bitter I never got kerplunk.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had one of those bumble balls as a kid.

    That I don’t remember even slightly what the point of it was or what it did speaks volumes.


  3. I had one of those screwball scrambles. I remember screaming at it and thumping it because I couldn’t work it properly. So for me it was a kind of precursor to supermarket self-checkouts.



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