Today we picked up this CD-Rom for one quid:


We paid one whole quid for this thing.

“Get it” said Alex.

“No fuck off it’s shit,” I replied.

“No it’ll be great,” he said.

And the following is why I always listen to Alex.

I’m just going to present these without context, because… because.

1. Interesting faces

2. Hats


3. Unsettling babies


4. Interesting faces part 2

5. This guy


6. Rad things

7. Interesting faces part 3

8. Weird maths that makes no sense






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6 thoughts on “The Shit Clipart Showcase Part 1

  1. As I’m currently poorly and full of Night Nurse, thought I’d have a bash at identifying who is in Interesting Faces Part 1. So then, from the top, left to right… Clive from Neighbours, Tony Soprano, cant remember his name but an 80s footballist who was always too thick to look at the camera for the Paninni sticker photoshoot, Bernie Clifton, an elf, Commander Koenig from Space 1999, William Fatner, the Karate Kid, Mr Sulu, and of course Freddie Mercury.

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  2. This is amazing and makes me feel less weird for keeping a shit clip art picture on 3 different phones over 10 years cos it looks like a sign banning 80s New Romantics/A Flock of Seagulls (2 very 80s looking dudes in a red circle with the red line across it diagonally). Unfortunately it’s on the memory card that’s currently been stuck in my tablet since Christmas, so sadly I can’t post it.

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