Right, this episode has no plot, and no real theme apart from ‘no one likes Bungle and he smells and is annoying’. Let’s crack on anyway.

Great excitement this morning – the postman’s been, and he’s brought some party invitations! The only problem is that Bungle hasn’t been invited.


I fail to see why that’s a problem.

“How am I going to tell Bungle he hasn’t been invited?”

Well Geoffrey, may I offer the following suggestions?

– Take out a full page advert in the Times

– Yell it into his face through a megaphone

– Get it printed onto a t-shirt. Wear the t-shirt to the party.

Until Geoffrey’s decided, we’re not to tell Bungle that no one likes him and he smells.


Meanwhile, the gang are donating a load of jumble, and it needs to be sorted out. Please note that they aren’t donating any of Bungle’s trousers, because you can’t donate something that doesn’t exist.

“Bungle, go get a box.”

“Oh dear, what size box do we need?”

That depends. If you are working at Amazon, the box needs to be roughly 8 times the size of whatever you’re putting in it.


Zippy does what any sane person would do upon finding a lampshade: he tries it on as a hat.


Zippy is helping. Not sure if Geoffrey’s annoyed or just wondering why he didn’t think to do that.

Bungle returns from his mammoth quest to ‘get a box from the kitchen’. Now they can start packing the jumble.

Bungle demonstrates, with one move, why he hasn’t been invited to that party:


There’s no point inviting someone to your party if they wouldn’t even be able to figure out how to get through the door.

Despite this display of intellectual prowess from Bungle, Geoffrey is still worrying about how to break the non-invitation news to him.


Geoffrey, do you want to know how to deal with Bungle? This is how you deal with Bungle:

Oh Zippy, you’re such a hilarious psychopath.

Geoffrey’s back. “Bad news everyone – Bungle has been invited to the party after all. His invitation was delivered next door by mistake.”


The state of that envelope. I’m amazed it got as close as next door.

With no warning, we cut to a song from Rod, Jane and Freddy, where they count ducks.


Not sure how this is relevant to the plot of ‘no one likes Bungle and he smells’, which is what I’ve decided the theme of today’s episode is.

Even more baffling, the gang have decided to stand in the garden and sing a song about how caterpillars move about, since they have no legs and shit. Geoffrey still hasn’t told them about the party invitations – he’s decided this is more urgent.


Right, back to the theme of ‘no one likes Bungle and he smells’.

“OK Bungle, you see these sticks I’ve put on the floor? This is how far away from me you have to be from now on.”


“Can I still come and look at you when you’re asleep?”

“I didn’t know you did that. Don’t do that.”

“But how will I get my dinner?”

“You can eat it out here like nature intended. Here’s your plate.”


While I wish this was the plot, in reality they’re playing some boring game about stepping stones.

Zippy breaks the suicide-inspiring monotony by telling everyone a joke:

“How many elephants can you get in a car? Four – two in the front and two in the back!”

“How many giraffes can you get in a car? None, you’ve already got four elephants in there!”


And then the episode stops. To my knowledge, Geoffrey has not told them about the party invitations, so I don’t know why that was so important earlier. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what this episode was about. Apart from ‘no one likes Bungle and he smells and is annoying’.


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