Lads, I’ve found the best thing in the world, courtesy of an A-Team annual:

day care large

Did I miss the bit in The A-Team where B.A. spends an entire episode looking after toddlers for no reason? I know they did that episode with Boy George but that still wasn’t as weird. Whatever – it’s apparently canon enough to deserve its own two page spread in the annual.

Given B.A.’s undeserved yet lawless history of running away from the army rozzers, I don’t believe he would have passed a DBS check. In fact, I don’t believe it so much, I had to go on B.A.’s Wikipedia page to see for myself. As I suspected, nothing about him being Supernanny, but I did learn some interesting B.A. facts:

– B.A. and Murdock have the same blood type – AB negative, just in case you ever need some blood off either of them.

– B.A. stands for ‘Bad Attitude’, which everyone already knows, but it also stands for ‘Bosco Albert’ and ‘British Airways’.

– B.A. has a rare condition where he consistently fails to realise the others are drugging him to get him on a plane. This condition is known as ‘being a bit of a div’.

– In the Italian version of the show, he is called P.E. Baracus. This is presumably because he loves netball and ‘getting the apparatus out’.

mr t shorts

Back to the topic at hand, which is B.A. having all kinds of hilarious encounters at his part time nursery job. Interestingly, his job seems to involve standing there being outsmarted by small children, and making inexplicable DIY references. Also he has a beer belly for some reason.

This is legit the most baffling Mr T thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen the cartoon where he solves mysteries with a gang of gymnasts.

The joke here is that the child has asked B.A. to read to him from a DIY book:


This is a classic joke and not confusing at all.

And in this one, B.A. is asking the kids if they’ve seen his spanner:


RIP my sides.

I don’t think you’re supposed to use daycare as free labour to get your car washed, B.A.:


Naughty B.A.

Anyway, there’s some other nonsense, and then the writers run out of ideas for baffling cartoons, so they fill the remaining space with strange anecdotes about being in the army, which may or may not be lifted from the Readers’ Digest “Soldiers say the darndest things!” section:


I’m sure those toddlers in B.A.’s care love jokes about ‘fathoms’ and ‘the staff of life’.

Anyway, this has been my face throughout this whole process:



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2 thoughts on “The A-Team Annual: B.A.’s Babysitting Adventure

  1. This has to be the laziest piece of shit annual in the history of terrible merchandising cash-ins. The Dads Army Annual of 1976 was better than this. I’m actually offended on behalf of people who paid for this. Presumably the creators took the cynical view that the people buying it wouldn’t be reading it, and those reading it could be fobbed off with any old garbage. Grrrr, frankly.


  2. Mr. T was (is?) obsessed with being a role model to little kids, so seemed to have sold the rights to his likeness to anyone who would promote him. I doubt he ever saw this annual. Heck, I doubt he ever saw The Toughest Man in the World, and he starred in that.

    The only person who really took the “T” brand to heart was Gary Coleman. (RIP)



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