One of the things I like to do is go round charity shops and laugh at the shit LPs they have. Since I can’t do this at the moment, I thought I’d have a knob around on Google instead. While you look for something better to do, why not spend five minutes browsing some top artistes and their wares? It beats sitting there scratching your bits, which incidentally is my other hobby.

pat boone

I keep reading this as “in a mental mood”. Doesn’t Pat Boone mostly sing songs about his mum’s teapot?

all my friends

Why is it such a cheery colour.


I’ll be honest lads, I don’t believe he’s really Superman. Unless he’s steering that go kart with his mind, in which case he probably is.


Don’t blame me, I just went on Google.


He did, you know.

let me touch him

These lads want in on it.


You know what would happen if that old lady in Spain tried to restore a painting of Matt Berry? This album cover is what would happen.


I’m mentally 12, what do you expect?

i feel good

Eagle eyed readers might recognise this power couple from this list of DVDs I found on Amazon. Glad to see they’re feeling better.


“I’d woman in the morning, I’d woman in the evening…”


Ken killed a bunch of people didn’t he. While you were all laughing at his album, he was studying the blade.


Well, Europeans have their own way of carrying on.

sour cream

This gets worse the longer you look at it.


Miami’s gain is the Queen Vic’s loss.


I question this.


This is what Mr T looks like to people who’ve been drinking expired Lemsip.


Wait, where are you going Jesus? Come back you bloody coward.


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2 thoughts on “17 Brilliant Album Covers

  1. I’ve just Googled “pat boone in a metal mood”. According to Wikipedia, it’s an album of cover versions of hard rock and heavy metal songs performed in a jazz/big band style. This is something that the world doesn’t need.

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  2. I’ve heard of Wayne Cochran but I’ve never actually seen him. I did an image search and… wow. He had that hair all the time, not just one time for a bet. Until it fell out.

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