Rainbow Episode Review: CountryFail

Rainbow Episode Review: CountryFail

I’m watching this episode blind, so it might be about a lost pencil, or it might be about the Suez Canal, who knows. Let’s find out!

Right, it’s 4 o’clock in the morning, which is when everyone in the Rainbow house gets up. You can tell it’s 4 o’clock because we just heard a cock. Ignore the stupid shit clock on the wall, it doesn’t tell the time because it’s just drawn on.


I hope this isn’t a George-centric episode. Those are always the hardest to write about, since George is nowhere near as entertaining and pubic as Bungle. Continue reading “Rainbow Episode Review: CountryFail”

Hippos and Haunted Pigs: The MB Games Catalogue

Hippos and Haunted Pigs: The MB Games Catalogue

A while ago, me and Alex played Ghost Castle. While the game itself was indeed terrifying and full of peril, as promised by the box, what really caught my attention was the MB Games catalogue included in the box (Alex kept all the original bits because he is a gimpy swot).

mb cover

Inside is a cavalcade of crap from 1992, ranging from classics to ‘who the fuck thought this was a good idea’. And Dial A Design. Let’s have a look at the shit we used to get up to before the internet was invented, and we still had to physically interact with people, even though people smell and are annoying. Continue reading “Hippos and Haunted Pigs: The MB Games Catalogue”

Rainbow Episode Review: Drop Dead Bungle

Rainbow Episode Review: Drop Dead Bungle

In this episode, Bungle finally has his long overdue mental breakdown. Forced to confront the reality that the others really don’t fucking like him and wish he’d sod off, Bungle snaps and invents his own friend, with blackjack and hookers.

Let’s begin. The gang are all having what fun and japes as usual.


Nobody comes right out and says “Bungle we hate you and you smell”, but there’s an atmosphere. Maybe Bungle stuck his dick in the jam, I don’t know. Continue reading “Rainbow Episode Review: Drop Dead Bungle”

The confusing 1989 Neighbours Annual board game

The confusing 1989 Neighbours Annual board game

For some reason, I own this:


Most of it is just stuff about Scott and Charlene, and maybe that one who did “Heeyyyyy MONA”, and 3 pages containing 2 facts about Australia, but one thing that caught my eye was the ‘Beat Your Neighbour’ board game:


Why yes, I would like to beat my neighbour! Over the years, my neighbours have included the following: Continue reading “The confusing 1989 Neighbours Annual board game”

A blog post about a desk tidy

A blog post about a desk tidy

This might be the most boring post I’ve ever written, which is saying something. You know me, occasionally I will just spout shit. It keeps you on your toes or whatever.

I’ve always wanted a desk tidy. Mainly because I’ve always wanted a desk. When I was little I’d sit and moon over this desk ‘n’ chair combo in the Index catalogue:

petite desk

Why I wanted a desk was never really explained. I think I just liked pretending I was important.

I never had a proper desk because my room was the size of a postage stamp. Also, I think my parents sensed that I’d sit at it once then go back to running round with my finger up my nose pretending to be She Ra. Therefore it always remained on my Bucket List. Until now!

desk tidy
Continue reading “A blog post about a desk tidy”

Wife Carrying, Bingo Calling, Chilli Eating: Watching Crap Sports

sports thumb

Do you miss the football? We do. And if you don’t miss the football, pretend you do for the duration of this post.

Given our inability to fill the gaping football shaped hole in our lives, we decided to watch some other competitive activities, and to cheer on people we liked the look of, until they inevitably lost. Bonus points for sports where loads of people get injured.

Join us for a journey through Wife Kicking, Plank Waving, and 700-a-side Bingo. Also – introducing the idea of ‘Tiddlywinks Ultras’.

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Greetings From The M6: Shit Postcards

Greetings From The M6: Shit Postcards

“Hello how are you? I am fine? Hoping this finds you as it leaves me. I never should have come on holiday to Watford Gap services, Preston bus station, or fucking Doncaster. But here I am, and I guess I’ll make the best of it. There are pretty nice toilets at the services, I guess.”

If the above sounds like something you’ve written on a postcard before, don’t blame yourself. I have it on good authority that certain service stations and roundabouts employ evil government mind control people to trick you into going on holiday there. They do this by producing postcards. This tricks people into thinking “If there’s a postcard of it, it’s a holiday place! Come on Ann, let’s go on holiday to Doncaster!”

I grew up in Doncaster. It is not a holiday place.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the ways the government has tried to trick you into visiting Newport Pagnell, or Norwich post office.

Before we begin, this stupid idea is courtesy of my friend Larry Bundy. His YT channel is here, and it’s a lot better than this shit.


Good Luck From Watford

good luck from watford

Why is this a thing. Continue reading “Greetings From The M6: Shit Postcards”