Rainbow episode review: Hambungle

Rainbow episode review: Hambungle

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of food, it’s my favourite. So this episode is right up my overweight street.

The title of this episode is “S14Ep16”, which isn’t very good as far as titles go. Its other title is probably ‘Fast Food’; this is just a hunch I got after seeing the episode, which is about fast food.

Can you tell I’m wazzed off my tits on codeine?

Anyway, let’s begin. Zippy and George are setting the table for lunch.


“There’s no point setting the table,” says George. “We don’t know what we’re having for lunch.”

Yes but I’d say ‘some kind of food’, therefore plates is quite a good idea George. You twat. Plates are only going to be wrong if you’re having soup for lunch, or just taking bites out of Bungle. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: Hambungle”

Rainbow episode review: Dead Wrongers

Rainbow episode review: Dead Wrongers

Today we are reviewing this episode:

bungle jane

People who follow me on Twatter will be familiar with this picture whether they want to be or not, because I tweet it several times an hour. Today, we’re going to answer the age-old question that no one asked except me: Why is Bungle dressed as Jane?

Disclaimer: I have an ear infection and things aren’t making much sense to me at the moment. I’m not sure how watching Bungle going round in a skirt will help matters, but this is what I’m choosing to do. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: Dead Wrongers”

Rainbow episode review: The Crap Fair

I’m watching this episode blind. I have no idea what it’s about, or even what it’s called – it’s a random episode I found on Youtube. It could be about the plight of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, or it could be about one of them losing a pencil. Both are equally likely.

The gang are playing some bullshit with giant cards. Jane is arranging some flowers because she is the woman one.


I have no idea why she’s arranging flowers in their house – did any of them say they wanted any flowers? I bet they didn’t. You don’t go round to someone else’s house and do flower arranging there. This adds further reinforcement to my theory that Rod, Jane and Freddy live in the Rainbow kitchen. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: The Crap Fair”

Rainbow episode review: CSI Bungle

In today’s episode, we discover several life changing things:

1. There are bones in your body.

2. Rainbow shares a universe with Threads.

3. Bungle is a serial killer.

Let’s begin. The gang are sitting around singing about Old Mother Hubbard, because they don’t have jobs.


I can never understand why Bungle chooses to balance his voluminous arse on that stool. I live in constant fear that the stool will go up his bum. Maybe that’s why he looks so terrified. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: CSI Bungle”

Rainbow episode review: In space no one can hear you in space

In this episode, the lads go to space for the afternoon. It’s not super realistic, but the bits filmed in space are pretty good.

Let’s begin. We’re thrown straight into the action, as everyone teleports onto a random planet and then acts a bit confused as if they were expecting to be at Lidl.


“This isn’t Lidl,” says Bungle. “There isn’t even a tights ‘n’ bra section for Jane.” Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: In space no one can hear you in space”

Rainbow episode review: Skipping Hell!

Rainbow episode review: Skipping Hell!

I wasn’t going to review this episode until I saw the description on YouTube:

“Bungle wants to do some skipping.”

Well, OK then. Challenge accepted. Fuck any work I had to get done.

George is doing some painting. Because he is painting, he needs to wear a beret like a French man. Not pictured: strings of onions hanging around, and Jane’s hairy armpits.


Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: Skipping Hell!”

Rainbow episode review: How d’ya like them apples?

Rainbow episode review: How d’ya like them apples?

Every once in a while, I come across an episode that makes me go “For fuck’s sake Bungle!” within the first five seconds. That’s how I know it’s a good episode.

This episode made me go “For fuck’s sake everyone” x 1000 within the first five seconds, and that is why I am now reviewing it for you.


The gang are trying, and failing, to get the apples that have been glued to their cardboard tree. This tree is never seen in any other episodes; maybe they chopped it down in a fit of impotent rage. It was the tree’s own fault, flaunting its apples like that.

This episode is supposed to be called ‘Problem Solving Together’, but I think it’s actually called ‘Creating even more problems together because you’re all divs and knobheads’.


Geoffrey: “It’s no good, I can’t reach them!”

What, are those apples fucking nailed to that tree?

Me: “Geoffrey, stop lying. I know it’s funny to upset Bungle, but you’re literally bending your limbs so you can’t reach them on purpose, you psychopath.”

Zippy suggests throwing a mild twig at the tree. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: How d’ya like them apples?”