Rainbow episode review: God got me pregnant lads

Rainbow episode review: God got me pregnant lads

It’s December! Again. This seems to happen every year.

You know what else happens once a year? Bungle wears clothes. Some years it’s pyjamas, other years it’s an entire hat. This year, he’s decided to wear a dress and some tinsel. This is because he wants to show off his holy and glorious bum.

I wrote about this episode about six years ago, but I feel that I’ve grown as a person since those days, and I wanted to have another crack at it, now that I can appreciate all the subtleties the episode has to offer.

Lol I said ‘crack’.

Let’s begin. Geoffrey is showing off his banging Nativity scene.

guess what

“Lads, guess what?” he says. “I’ve decided we’re all going to become vegans, so no Christmas presents for you this year!”


The others believe him, the idiots. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: God got me pregnant lads”

Bungle’s mental breakdowns

Bungle’s mental breakdowns

You know what would cheer us all up today? Watching Bungle losing his shit and having a nervous breakdown. Luckily, I’ve got a banging selection of clips for your perusal featuring Ursa Idiotus throwing his weight about, crying, and generally being a tit.


Wanting to be Jill

“I demand to be Jill, and you better believe I’m going to molest my own nipples if this doesn’t happen! And if it does.”

To be fair, it is quite hard to be menacing when you’re wearing such a lovely hat. Luckily, the answer to this problem is to give Bungle an even lovelier hat. Continue reading “Bungle’s mental breakdowns”

Rainbow episode review: Can’t pay? We’ll take it away!

Hello. This episode is all about pretending to get evicted, I think. And about what to do if your furniture is haunted.

Rod, Jane and Freddy are trying to sing their song, but Bungle is insisting on being in the same room as them and getting up in their business.


Why they have to do their song right now, in that exact spot, is never mentioned.

Then this happens, and I’m not sure what it is:

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Rainbow episode review: Harry Potter and the Naked Bear


All this time I thought he was just a terrifying nudist, but it turns out there’s much, much more to it than that, as we will see in this episode, which is probably called BUNGLE: ORIGINS – THE NUDENING.

It’s probably not called that. But it should be.

This episode is really called ‘Vanishing Box’ which is what I assume Jane has whenever Bungle’s around.

Let’s begin. Geoffrey is teaching the others grifting:


Why are Zippy and George so massive? I’ve seen them in real life and they are not that massive. Perhaps Geoffrey is just really far away. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: Harry Potter and the Naked Bear”

Rainbow Episode Review: Zippy’s Got Talent

This episode is about trying to be funny and completely dying on your arse, which is obviously something I identify with. Anyway, let’s crack on before I get bored and start needing a piss.

Zippy is watching Ernie Wise on TV. Ernie tells a joke about some eggs, but I’m not going to write it down because I’d get it wrong. I’m very bad at jokes. Last night Alex spent an hour trying to teach me about Knock Knock jokes, but I always forget to say ‘Who’s there?’.

And one time I couldn’t figure out how to open a bin in a cafe. But apart from that, I am a total genius.


Anyway, Ernie Wise tells some lame jokes, and Zippy laughs himself to fucking death. I suppose they were limited to what jokes they could air on Rainbow; you’re probably not going to get Zippy telling the Aristocrats joke in this episode. Continue reading “Rainbow Episode Review: Zippy’s Got Talent”

Rainbow episode review: Take a picture it’ll last longer

This episode is so full of questions I don’t know where to begin. Questions raised include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Is George an orphan?
– How do you tell the sex of a zippy?
– Does Bungle get traumatised walking past Build A Bear?
– Dean Gaffney?

Let’s begin.

Zippy is going through a box of his old shit and bras. This includes one of Geoffrey’s socks, for reasons known only to Geoffrey. Maybe he was hiding it from the Russians. Zippy gets a really good look at the sock just to be sure.


Then Zippy finds an old photo of his grandma, which is in pristine condition despite having been crumpled up in that shoebox for the last five years. She’s in a weirdly sexy pose. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: Take a picture it’ll last longer”