10 nostalgic tins of food

If, like me, you regularly sit on your own, staring into space and regretting all your life choices, then chances are you eat a lot of tinned food.

Tins are great. For the miniscule effort of figuring out how to use the bloody tin opener, you can be rewarded with a vast array of culinary delights, ranging from beans to coq au vin, and back to beans again. Mostly beans. Also, if the bloody tin opener won’t play ball, you can sometimes just smash the tin against your head and it might open.

Another brilliant thing about tins is that you can throw them at burglars.

Anyway, the world of tinned food has seen a great deal of heroic pioneering… stuff over the years, as companies competed with each other to seal increasingly exotic food in a living tomb. Mostly though, they just stuck to beans and novelty pasta. Continue reading “10 nostalgic tins of food”

A Chris Kamara action figure and other wonders

A Chris Kamara action figure and other wonders

Whenever I go visit my dad in North Wales, we always make a special journey to Bargains Galore in Holyhead. I’ve written about this magnificent shop here, but if you don’t have time to read the link – it’s the greatest shop known to man.


Inside the unassuming exterior lies a treasure trove of 80s and 90s tat. Despite not having any room in my flat, I keep buying stuff from this shop. Some of it is in the loft, some is in a box in my bedroom, and some I’ve given to other people. I think I just have a problem with buying stuff. If anyone’s a psychiatrist, or has seen an episode of Dr Phil, give me a bell.

Anyway, on my last visit I was very good, and managed not to buy the Tampax from 1994, or the Spice Girls paper plates. What I did buy, however, needs to be shown off, otherwise I’ll have to admit I do have a problem with buying stuff just because it says ‘Free cassette!’ Continue reading “A Chris Kamara action figure and other wonders”

Diary of an 80s teenager part 2: Who the hell is Tony?

Diary of an 80s teenager part 2: Who the hell is Tony?

If you missed Part 1, here it is.

Welcome back to S’s diary. In part 1 we learned that S has seen the seminal work ‘Herbie Goes Bananas’ at the cinema, and that she likes Paul Bateman. On the last page, however, some young upstart called Tony made an appearance:


What we know about Tony so far:

1: He’s called Tony

2: He probably looks like this:

ac slater

He seems to have successfully seen off the competition anyway. Continue reading “Diary of an 80s teenager part 2: Who the hell is Tony?”

Diary of an 80s teenager part 1: meet our heroine

Diary of an 80s teenager part 1: meet our heroine

Last week, I found this in a box at a car boot sale:


It’s a 1981/82 diary, and it’s been filled in by a 14 year old girl from North Wales, who we’ll call ‘S’. I’ve decided to share this simple yet heartwarming tale of teenage life with you, if only for the fact that it proves someone, somewhere, once bought a record by Dollar.

A few notes before we begin: I have, to the best of my ability, removed S’s full name from the following pages. Notes by me are in italics. Also, I apologise in advance to any Welsh readers if I’ve spelled things wrong. But, you know, she had bloody terrible handwriting at times.

So join me, dear reader, as we follow S on her journey of buying miniature cans of coke, attempting to phone her crush, and watching Herbie Goes Bananas…

EPSON MFP image Continue reading “Diary of an 80s teenager part 1: meet our heroine”

Rainbow episode review: Carry on up the Bungle

Today we’re getting our Indiana Jones pants on and going exploring! Not sure if a guy rips another guy’s heart out, probably not. I think they’ll probably just look at some interesting pebbles. I guess we’ll never know if we don’t start the episode.

Bungle is using binoculars to explore the garden. This is despite the fact that everything in the garden is A) less than six inches away, and B) drawn on. No wonder he looks so confused.

binoculars Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: Carry on up the Bungle”

Rainbow episode review: Pow! Zap! Shit!

I love Batman, because he manages to be both a man and a bat, which is all kinds of talented. Therefore, a Rainbow/Batman crossover is right up my street.

Don’t worry, that’s what this episode is, I haven’t just gone mental.

We begin with Zippy sitting in this box:


Can we all just take a step back and let our minds process that for a minute.

Zippy’s getting on everyone’s nerves by singing the Batman theme on a loop for seven years. Geoffrey’s pissed off because this is apparently stopping him doing his “work”. His work involves looking at some papers that are clipped together, and is NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN. Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: Pow! Zap! Shit!”

The Kitchin! – a forgotten 80s classic

Today I’ll be looking back at seminal but short-lived 80s kids’ show The Kitchin! I’m sure the show needs no introduction to many people, but I’ll give a bit of background for my younger readers.

kitchin main

The Kitchin! was broadcast between 1988 and 1988 on short lived satellite channel KIDZ PLZ, with repeats on BBC airing a few years later. The plot centred around an everyday kitchen, and the utensils that came to life when the owners were out. An interview with creator Malcolm Not stated that Kitchin! Was spelled as such to rhyme with ‘itchin’, due to “there’s always pepper in a kitchen, so we ran with that. But then we realised we’d got sneezing mixed up with itching, but the titles had already been done by then.” Continue reading “The Kitchin! – a forgotten 80s classic”