My crappy badge collection

My crappy badge collection

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Three reasons:

1. Been to Wales to visit family, and everyone knows they don’t have the internet in Wales.

2. Been sorting out an allotment as part of my ongoing Arthur Fowler cosplay.

3. I’m just getting over flu, and today I feel like I’ve been hit in the face with an alsatian or similar.

Anyway, while I was in Wales, I stood in a shop and said to myself ‘You know what would be a really good idea and definitely not a waste of money? Buying a dozen shit badges.’ So that’s what I did.

Don’t go with a stranger


The badge is right. Trust me. I talked to a stranger the other week, and they turned out to be boring as fuck and then I couldn’t get away without being rude.

The badge doesn’t say anything about not going off with multiple strangers. Continue reading “My crappy badge collection”

Rainbow episode review: In space no one can hear you in space

In this episode, the lads go to space for the afternoon. It’s not super realistic, but the bits filmed in space are pretty good.

Let’s begin. We’re thrown straight into the action, as everyone teleports onto a random planet and then acts a bit confused as if they were expecting to be at Lidl.


“This isn’t Lidl,” says Bungle. “There isn’t even a tights ‘n’ bra section for Jane.” Continue reading “Rainbow episode review: In space no one can hear you in space”

The shelf of shit

The shelf of shit

It’s occurred to me that I’ve become a hoarder. However, I’ve become a hoarder of awesome stuff, so there’s no need for me to go on one of those TV shows where they wee in a shoe and cook with a candle because they need to own all the copies of Railway Enthusiast ever published.

I like to think of myself as a curator rather than a hoarder. Hoarding is for people like my other half, which is why we have a box full of old phone chargers that “we might need one day”. If we ever invent time travel and really, really need to charge a phone to, I don’t know, text the boy band A1.

Anyway, I’ve decided to gather some of my best objets d’art and display them on a shelf, so you can look at them and go “hmmmm”, as if you were in a real museum, and not sat at home looking at my shit blog.

I present – the shelf of shit!

shelf of shit

OK, I’ll comment on each section. I’ve numbered them, but if you can’t figure out which ones I’m referring to, you’re a bit of a div. Continue reading “The shelf of shit”

A girls’ night in with the Echo Falls Girls’ Night In kit

A girls’ night in with the Echo Falls Girls’ Night In kit

Lads, I’ve had an idea, and it’s going to be great. Look what I got at the supermarket:


It’s a super fun Girls’ Night In kit, and I’m going to use it to have a super fun Girls’ Night In.

According to the box, this is everything you need to have fun for an entire evening. Disclaimer: the box does not say that, but it’s pretty heavily implied. Continue reading “A girls’ night in with the Echo Falls Girls’ Night In kit”

Stardew Valley charity Twitch marathon

Stardew Valley charity Twitch marathon

This Sunday (24th Feb) I’ll be live on Twitch from Midday to Midnight as part of GameBlast 19, raising money for a charity called Special Effect.

For extra fun and japes, I’ve never done a livestream before. Nothing can go wrong.

oh shit

Special Effect are a group of tech geniuses who provide specialist and modified gaming and computer equipment to people with disabilities. The equipment they provide is tailored to each individual need, and is completely free of charge. They also provide pioneering “Stargaze” equipment, allowing users to control computers with eye movements. (Seriously, I think they might be wizards.)

Below are a few videos showing the work they do, and the people they help:




If you’d like to join me, please follow me on Twitch (theworldofcrap) and check out the Just Giving page for the livestream.

I’ll be playing Stardew Valley for 12 hours straight, so please come and keep me company. If you’re not familiar with it, Stardew Valley is an awesome farming/dating sim in the style of the Harvest Moon series. I’m really counting on people joining me on Twitch and keeping me sane as I grow 30,000 parsnips, and follow villagers around until they agree to marry me. Help a good cause, and witness me having a slow nervous breakdown. There’s literally no downside to this.

Hope to see you guys there!