10 random things from the 1986 Argos catalogue

Like many people, I own a copy of the 1986 Argos catalogue. I like looking at the old stuff, because it makes me feel all futuristic. It doesn’t matter that we don’t have jet packs yet; at least we no longer buy those weird video cases that are meant to look like books, but in reality look like nothing of the sort.

Because I am a kind hearted, generous person, and because I am bored, I am going to share some of my Argos finds with you. Some will make you raise your eyebrows in mild surprise, some might make you cheer with joy, but I guarantee that once you get to the end of this article, you’ll be rewarded with the urge to ask yourself the question ‘Why did I just read this?’.

1. Carriage clocks

clock1clock 2clock 3

Everyone has a carriage clock somewhere in their house. Not me, obviously, because I have never given sixty years of loyal service to a company. One day my place of work might give me a ‘thanks for not being too shit’ award, which will probably take the form of a spare mug they have lying around. It is this hope that allows me to get out of bed every day. Continue reading “10 random things from the 1986 Argos catalogue”