The 10 best things in the 1992 Index catalogue

Some time ago, I wrote about the 1986 Argos catalogue. Given this, it wouldn’t really be fair to ignore its rival, the Index catalogue.


Very much the Andrew Ridgeley to Argos’ George Michael, Index was the cheap, cheerful also-ran in the 80s and 90s. However, I always preferred it when I was a kid; they seemed to have better toys.

The following are things I’ve found in the 1992 Spring/Summer edition, that make me happy for various reasons. However, it’s not really that hard to make me happy. The other day I bought a plastic cow for £2, and that made my afternoon, so…

1. Novelty watches


From left to right – Hulk Hogan ripping his bra off, Bart Simpson (made before everyone realised Homer was the popular one), Edd The Duck (lover and nemesis of Andi Peters), a My Little Pony with a Kleenex stuck in her hair. Continue reading “The 10 best things in the 1992 Index catalogue”