Rainbow: A Cold Day

In which Bungle discovers the downside of his nudist lifestyle.

Since it’s December and there’s a nip in the air, let’s see how our friends in the Rainbow house handle cold weather. Spoiler: Up to all of them act like they’re going to die. You can watch it here, or you can sit there scratching your balls like you were going to.

The gang is in bed. This doesn’t include Geoffrey, he’s not part of the gang. Sometimes he is, but only when he’s making them lunch or wearing a dress in an amusing way.


Please note that Bungle is wearing pyjamas, of sorts. He does this. Continue reading “Rainbow: A Cold Day”

“Oh no!” – shit jokes in Rainbow Comic

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rainbow Comic. That’s why I spend so much time reading it, even though I am not five.

One of my favourite things about Rainbow Comic is the way they end every issue with a rubbish joke on the back cover. Normally the jokes make no sense, and even when they do they’re a bit shit. There’s usually some really convoluted plot that has, at best, a tenuous link to the joke. Allow me to share some of my favourites –

1. “I think you’ll find…”


George bringing pedantry to a whole new level here. Come on George, it’s obvious that Bungle is trying to tell you a joke. On what planet is he just going to come up to you and ask “What do birds use to clean their houses?” You KNOW it’s a fucking joke, stop being such a dick and spoiling his joke. I know it’s Bungle, but the joke might turn out to be really good. As it is, you’ve ruined it with your nit-picking. When people do this on Twitter I shun them. And call them a twat. Continue reading ““Oh no!” – shit jokes in Rainbow Comic”